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Thread: Kaetlyn Osmond withdraws from Rostelecom

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    Quote Originally Posted by sky_fly20 View Post
    I like both

    but they have nothing to do with Osmond
    I have nothing against her but her national/home ice inflated scores are a joke
    at SC there was no way she should even come close to Gracie's PCS even Julia's
    she should get in mid 27+ PCS comparable to Tuks

    with that, I dont like anyone getting injured that goes for Omond was well
    that is why I am blaming her team for rushing her and hyping ? maybe they thought she would crush Julia, Akiko and Gracie ?
    when they should have used it to heal her injury, the result another injury before CoR and she'll probably be outside of Top 10 in Olympics
    if she gets to compete given little preparation/peaking time left, its not a home ice so no inflation will be given for Osmond
    I guess Nebelhorn is in Canada's newest Province!

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    I am hoping that these injuries and time off the ice remove any unfair expectations from the federation or other people. I think Osmond has a bright future but I don't want to see her pushed too soon. And mainly I just want her to get better soon. She still has the best chance of any of our ladies to place in the top 10. Even a clean Lacoste won't be able to unless there are some serious mistakes from the top.

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