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I would think she wants to add a 7th triple somewhere in that program, especially since she does two 2A's she could easily substitute the last one with a 3Lo. I much prefer her holding back technically and delivering a clean program like she did last weekend though. It's impressive that she can do 6 triples with an edge call on one and still score ~130; I think only Ashley, Akiko and the top 3 can do that.
Adelina could go for 2 2A3T's too, if she manages to do this combo like she did at TEB more consistently, it would be a huge point-getter.
I'd rather prefer her focusing more on being clean though too. She did a way better job of interpretating the music and selling the program too in the LP compared to the SP. That confidence is worth a lot more than an additional triple, especially if everything else about your skating is so good.