I am reminding myself as well as Johar I think (Ashley avatar right?) who missed last weeks 2 hour coverage (I caught 30 mins) of GP coverage. I don't know what NBC will cover in 90 mins. tomorrow.

I forgot all about it, only to see it's(TEB all done. No spoilers for results, but I did manage today to watch some of thre men's short programs. They skated well(no spoiler tho) and if my time is limited I would watch Jason Brown (Prince SP is a winner this year for me), Also, Elegie by Patrick (lovely) and YuZu's Sp was good. I did watch Florent (I like Florent-pretty good SP). I can't say I watch more than the very top two pairs, I think it has been a boring quad without Shen and Zhao. I watched the Candian Sp and will likely watch Pang and Tong. Also some of Vera and her partner. I love pairs and am disappointed that there is no truly fabulous Russian pair, or some other pair other than S/S. I guess I have re=allocated time to ice dance. And again I don't go beyond the top 6, esp top 3 North Americans.

MAYBE in the edge or in comp folder we can have a thread of who really is worth watching, going back to SA, as it is going so fast, and I cannot be the only GSer who can't or won't watch every entrant. I envy those who actually have the time and patience to do that.

Last year I asked someone to link the youtube videos to the winners. The very kind poster Mao88 did just that. Bless you.

This year, a poster asked if she would post them in skate order, so we could see them as if in competition with no spoilers. And she did to much acclaim. And yes, we thanked this patient person in droves. Me I liked the winners for time reasons, but can see how some like the no spoiler. Again, thank you Mao88.

I will start a thread there and maybe this thread could continue as a "don't miss this skate by" as I am sure I am missing rising talent, but if I never heard the name and they are a third tier skater from the host country, i'll likely not have time to see them. I DOWNLOADED a player to watch the online action and got a mess with trogans and more. What is the best vrial/malware thing? I had to clean up withmalwarebytes. Windows defender is a joke. Please be careful about downloading players to get online streaming. It was a mess.

So maybe a "Don't miss this SP from YADA". would be good in the edge. WITHOUT SPOILING THE POSITION. The current maso88 format is great for those with time wanting to see them all in order they came in. I like to clip thru the gala skates, so I hope they get posted too.

So a reminder for you Johar and everyone with a big screen TV. Lucky you. I hope I will see it tomorrow as I don't do dvd taping or have TIVO. Enjoy TV watchers! oh HOW I MISS THE 90'S.