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Thread: Which ladies -USA -deserve Sochi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sochi_2014 View Post
    Actually Polina is very consistent. She had a balance check on the opening lutz in her SP, so she decided to leave out the combination there, and add it to the loop later in the program. Unfortunately she fell on the loop so the fact that she didn't have a combination really pushed her down in the SP, along with the fact that she had a fall. One skate does not make you inconsistent. And actually, she had the 2nd highest score in the freeskate, just 2 points shy of the leader, but due to the fact that she was so far behind after the SP, she was only able to push up to 4th place. In fact, she was less than 2 points shy of the podium.

    Now I'm not saying that she will be on the Olympic team, because her chances are VERY slim. However, what I am saying is that she is not inconsistent due to one sour SP. Also, no one starts out a "star". You must work your way up. But I think in the future she will be a star. Her presentation is quite good for a youngster. She had the 3rd highest PCS scores in the LP at the Junior Grand Prix Final. Remember, these 6 girls at the JGPF were the top 6 junior ladies of the season, so I think her presentation is quite good for a junior.
    I agree with all your points. I love Polina's skating, both her SP and her FS programs are great, and though she faltered in the SP at the JGPF, she skated wonderfully in the FS. She's not a star yet, but I think she has the makings of one. That JGPF was one of the most competitive ever, with so many talented juniors, strong in both presentation and technical elements.

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    Junior SPs you can't add a combination to the solo triples anyways, so missing your planned combo is a huge point loss even though it's just 1 mistake. Polina is consistent, her score in the SP at GPF was so low because she had to do a 3lo (not one of her best jumps) and she missed her lutz combo. In her senior SP she does a 3f instead of 3lo, and 3f is a better jump for her so should she miss the lutz she's more likely to be able to add a combo to the 3f (plus in seniors she'll actually be allowed to do this). Usually Polina has clean FS programs with very high content, recently, the biggest mistakes she makes in the FS is like 1 fall, which isn't a huge deal as she attempts 7 triples (repeating 3lz and 3f) and 2 2a, which hardly anyone else in the US does. When she does the SP with 3f, she's usually clean too, with a possible < on the 3t which again, isn't hugely costly. IMO, she's more consistent than most of the other US ladies. I can only think of 2 skaters comparable in their consistency and those are Ashley and Sam. Maybe Christina last season was comparable, but this season that hasn't been the case.

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    Polina's FS at the JGPF was flawless, but she was a bit underscored in PCS because she skated so early. Still, she finished 2nd overall in the FS. You can add 3+ points to the 113.50 points for the extra choreographic step sequence.

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