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But that wouldn't make sense, would it? Ashley's training with Rafael.

Personally, I like the program. I think Gracie's still at that stage where she developing her style, and we should flat out just shut her down when she wants to try something new. I get that there are criticisms of the program, but to say that she should only stick to a particular type of music from now on when we've barely seen what she is capable of isn't fair. Her arm movements are lovely in this program versus the other one among other things and I'm willing to give it a chance.

I agree. Is it me or is she getting criticism from every direction. she's inconsistent, she'll never make it, hate her SP/hate her NEW SP/hate her LP, coaches, etc etc. Good grief! Give her a chance. We all know she's a power skater, but relying solely on jumps won't get you a title, and she's still developing her style. Developing her artistry is never a bad idea. In fact, often adding a softer, more lyrical skater can often bring out the speed and power more. Also, softer music can help relax a skater.

And this villifying of Frank Carroll and Lori Nichol is really sounding exaggerated.