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Thread: Post Your Favourite Olympic Programs Here

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    Steven Cousins (GBR)
    Men's Free Skate
    1994 Lillehammer
    Vangelis - Chariots Of Fire

    Since I just added him as a favorite skater of mine, I'd as well add the performance here which made him that. I'm always moved by the "electricity" that's in the air when an athlete just gives it his all and rises to the occasion. The first 2 clean triple Axels of his career were both done here. Talk about good timing, huh? I liked the idea of representing the different Olympic Sports in his program, plus he's just such a likeable guy Well, except I was jealous back in the day when I heard that he was dating Shae-Lynn Bourne! Now, I was surprised to read that he had been married to Elena Berezhnaya and has 2 children with her!

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    Who could forget Joannie Rochette's heartwrenching skate at the Vancouver 2010 Games? Still at the top of my list for favorite all time Olympic performances. Of course, Kurt Browning's Casablanca program at the 1994 Olymipics and Tracy Wilson and Rob McCall in 1988 Olympics:

    and the underdog at the 1988 Olympics, Elizabeth Manley:

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    1. Qing Pang/Jian Tong
    2. Vancouver 2010
    3. Pairs
    4. LP
    5. The Impossible Dream
    6. After narrowly missing the podium (some think unfairly) in 2006, and falling off the world podium in 2007 and 2008, Pang and Tong skated their hearts out to achieve what to them might have once seemed like an impossible dream.. winning an Olympic medal and defeating Shen and Zhao in the FS. (nothing against Shen and Zhao - love them too!)

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    Here are a few others:

    Elvis Stojko 1998 LP (not his best performance, but very admirable and memorable given the circumstances):
    Bourne/Kraatz 1998 FD:
    Krylova/Ovsiannikov 1998 FD:
    Anissina/Peizerat 2002 FD:
    Duchesnays 1988 FD:
    Plushenko 2002 LP (love the head shake at around 1:12!):

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    Some of my favourites I could watch all day long:
    Gordeeva Grinkov 1988 and 1994 LP
    Katarina Witt 1988 LP
    Duchesnays 1988 FD
    Mishkutenok Dmitriev 1992 and 1994 LP
    Оksana Baiul SP 1994
    Grishuk Platov FD 1998
    Bourne Kraatz FD 1998
    Philip Candeloro LP 1998
    Anissina Peizera OD 2002 and FD 1998 and 2002
    Plushenko 2006 LP
    Berezhnaya Sikharulidze SP 2002
    Irina Slutzkaya FD 2002
    Sasha Cohen OD 2006
    Shizuka Arakawa FD 2006
    Mao Asada SP 2010
    Virtue Moir SP and FD 2010
    Savchenko Szolkovy OD 2010

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