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Thread: Ladies SP - 2013 Rostelecom Cup

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    I agree on all counts!!! I think Julia has a lot of personality and will be fun to watch even though she does nothing for me - small jumps and meh imo. Carolina's program is OGM worthy and she will definitely leave huge shoes to fill. Mirai was way underscored - deserved 120 +.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mirunna View Post
    Julia's reaction to her score is priceless. She is fierce as hell and I love that about her
    Carolina's program is, at least to me, very special. I can't believe this is her last season, she will be dearly missed
    Mirai was underscored yesterday

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    So great to hear that Mirai got the bronze! Good for her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post
    The judging of this event gave me death in my soul. I should be cynical enough to know that is the case already - yes - but it was a particularly in-your-face confirmation that it's all about politics/momentum and the judges don't see to be very concerned with how the elements and the programs are actually performed on the ice...

    Do you mean in general or in that particular performance?

    In that particular performance, the axel maybe didn't have a great deal of height but it wasn't done barely-over-the-ice-Lipinski-style either and it was well-balanced on the landing and had good speed out so I'd say +1 GOE.


    There wasn't a lot of speed and flow out of neither the lutz (which had a slightly 'heavy' landing, she seemed to have her weight on most of the blade straight away) nor the toe and there was hesitation between the two jumps. Base GOE would have been fine but I don't see how +1 and +2 could be applicable to that element.

    There was a short gap after the footwork preceding the 3flip and it was off an unclear edge, if you want to give her the benefit of the doubt (and the panel did). She was on the outside edge when the step into the jump was almost finished and appeared to be rolling onto the inside edge just before lift-off. In real time, I thought it was a lip but would have to watch it frame-by-frame to be 100% sure of the edge status when she took off.

    In general, unclear edges on flip and lutz is something we've seen from her in the past (and yes, she doesn't get as much height as most skaters - but then, she is quite tiny).
    I mean in particular. The axel seems to be her weakest/lowest jump but it's not Tara-esque - not to me anyway. She's tiny but I think she'll grow at least a couple of inches and her jumps will probably get a little bit higher if the puberty monster is kind to her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Becki View Post
    Does anyone else think Miyahara was underscored in PCs? I thought she had great maturity on the ice, and good skating skills... :S
    IMO she was underscored. She is musical and interprets the music well.

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