"Ice Dance Analysts" blog - new as of Nov 2013

FYI, I just stumbled upon a new blog, "Ice Dance Analysts," which launched last week. It seems devoted to explaining the basics of the judging system for the discipline.

Maybe Doris and others will weigh in with their opinions re the accuracy of its content. (I do not have enough knowledge to have an informed opinion. The blog came to my attention because Pj Kwong retweeted a tweet from @icedanceanalyst.)
Doris prob. could rattle off the same material in her sleep , but I am making note of the blog in case it helps anyone to have primers in this format.

The titles of the first three blog entries:

- Welcome!

Are you a fan of ice dance but can't tell a Finnstep from a foxtrot? Have you been frustrated by the judging system and given up trying to figure it out? Have you ever wondered the difference between a good ice dancer and a great one? It can be complicated but we're here to help. From levels and lifts to choctaws and twizzles, we have the answers you seek and it is our mission to help you better understand the sport you love because we love it too!
We would like to start off with a few links and some basic information from the official website of the sport’s governing body, the International Skating Union. ...

- TES and PCS Demystified

- How to Read (and Understand) a Protocol

According to another tweet from @icedanceanalyst, a future blog entry will discuss the key points for the Finnstep.