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Thread: Hyped too soon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poodlepal View Post
    Glad to hear it about Nathan Chen. IIRC, he had bone pain last year and wasn't up to his usual standard. I remember him standing next to the female junior champion (Gracie) and she towered over him! He was so cute. Hope he stays strong.
    Nathan is going through his growing phase right now. This is the first year I have been able to see measurable growth. I think he is still dealing with Osgood-Schlatter's disease and that is the reason he doesn't have the 3 axel this year (he did land 3 axels in his jgp last year.) The Osgood-Schlatter's will, hopefully, ease as he comes to his full growth. If looking at his brothers is any indication, he still has a ways to go - although they are not an especially tall family.

    I first saw Nathan skate in 2002 when he was a very little boy. At the time I posted something about seeing a child who could do a very nice spiral. I have always thought Nathan's skating has been very well managed. He has participated in many activities over the years, but skating seems to have always been his real love. He stayed novice for 2 years - winning both years. This will be his 3rd year as a junior - winning the first year, third last year. I expect to see him try the senior level for the first time next year. Then we will see if this life-long effort will really begin to pay off. I don't want to see Nathan hyped too much either, but I am watching him carefully.

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    I think Poodlepal is right that it is natural too hype a skater who shows an incredible amount of talent at a young age. I do think we need to remember that these skaters are young, they're bodies are maturing, they will need to adjust to the changes and that means they may lose their jumps for a while, we don't need to give up on them. I also don't like it when people make comments about a female skater's weight or body type, things like "She doesn't have the right body for skating". That's why girls develop anorexia. Not everyone needs to look like Tara Lipinski, some skaters have a more athletic build and that's fine.

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