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Thread: Takahashi withdraws from GPF

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    Quote Originally Posted by aragray View Post
    i don't think the injury pushes daisuke out of olympic medal contention. it was a smart move on his behalf to sit out the gpf assuming that he felt enough pressure to make that decision in the first place - a poor performance due to stress in his home country could be detrimental to his confidence going into the olympics. If dai's actually injured, then it's smart to withdraw either way since he wouldn't want to risk worsening the pain just 2 months before Sochi. but that's just a thought, no idea what's actually going
    i'm kind of sad not to see him compete though, his beatles medley LP is the most detailed and beautifully interpreted program i've ever seen! i just can't get over how basically every single movement falls in line with the beat of the music and how he's able to express so many different emotions and styles in just one program. yuzu and patrick might be the gold medal favorites now, but in my heart daisuke is #1! I watched a documentary on him and he said how he would love to make his coach proud by putting the olympic gold medal around her neck and i started tearing up. Daisuke is such a wonderful person I really hope he does well this season!
    Yes! I hope Daisuke does well too. He was primarily the reason why I started chasing figure skating, and before the emergence of Yuzu, I used to be super nervous of Daisuke's performances (lol). Now, I just watch and enjoy Daisuke's beautiful skating ^^

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