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Thread: Performances you love from skaters you don't

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    Performances you love from skaters you don't

    There's usually a few performances/programs out there that skaters we aren't the biggest fans of perform. What are they and why? This is not an excuse to start bashing skaters and then throw a link in at the end. Apologies if this is already a thread.

    For me there is:

    Julia Lipnitskaya 2012 Finlandia SP- This is my favourite program from her other than her Schindler's List program. It's fun, it's energetic and it has something going on most of the time. I was quite surprised by how well I enjoyed the performance and the speed of the spins at the end perfectly match the increasing pace of the music.

    Miki Ando 2005 Cup of Russia SP- I have to admit FlattFan gave me the idea for this topic by posting about this very skate. Here she had a beautifully choreographed program, lovely spins, the jumps were to die for(why the 3-3 was downgraded is beyond me) and she really used all the movements to highlight the music. It makes me sad seeing what she could have been had she not gone to Morozov, although her success may not have been the same so maybe it was for the best.

    Agnes Zawadzki 2013 Cup of Russia LP- The first time I've seen her packaged correctly and it looks pretty good, tango suits her which surprises me. The jumps were off but I really think this could be a good vehicle for her if she learns to skate it clean, a fair amount of choreographic detail that relates to the music. Nice!

    Maxim Kovtun 2013 Cup of Russia SP- He really benefited from having the home crowd supporting him, he attacked it and whilst the choreography was quite sparse at points I still enjoyed watching him skate. His speed and posture going into jumps didn't bother me as much here either for some reason.

    Yan Han 2013 4CC SP- Blazing speed, amazing quality of jumps and the choreography wasn't half bad. I wish he'd emote more but I still enjoy watching this performance.

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    This is a really good idea for a thread, because it stretches us out of our accustomed vantage point and gets us to think of skaters we don't normally enjoy. The first one that comes to mind for me: I was not a fan of Oksana Baiul's, but when I saw her "Swan Lake" Olympic short program all those years ago, I was blown away by it. I was still rooting for Nancy Kerrigan, but I could see what the fuss was all about from that program.

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    I'm generally not a Plushenko fan but I really liked his 2002 LP, especially at the Olympics.

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    A few that come to my mind:
    Plushenko 2012 Euros
    V/T 2013 NHK
    B/S during the 2012-2013 season

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    Sasha Cohen's 2006 SP. When I first learned that she was skating to Dark Eyes I groaned - never liked the song (& wasn't a SC fan). However, from the very first time I saw her skate this SP early in the season, I loved it: the song, the costume, the choreography all worked perfectly with Sasha's style & look on the ice. From that time on, I enjoyed her skating.

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    Johnny Weir's Otonal
    Michelle Kwan's Fields of Gold (mainly because I love the song)

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