I am new here and apologize in advance for the lengthy post.

We have been going through agony with my daughters figure skates and wondering
if anyone might have any recommendations. Unfortunately the ability to go to a pro
shop and try on boots is really hard because we live in Tampa, FL and there are
very few, especially with the width she needs.

She is 13 years old, 5'3" and 150 lbs. she is currently starting to work on her
axels and some fs6 skills like layback spin, etc. Initially, she finds the skates to be ok but after just a few months her feet are in extreme pain- specifically worst at the outer edge, ball and arch. She loves to skate and I would love to see her continue for the enjoyment of the sport but with the pain it is getting tough. Her coach thinks she may be breaking them down abnormally which is why they are ok at first but then cause pain after a few months, it has not been the length of the skate/ foot growth causing the issue.

She has wide feet. She has gone from Jackson's - competitor first and then
then premiere - same story- her feet where in horrible pain and with the premiere model she had horrible blisters/ bleeding at the top where he skate contacts the leg even with pre- wrap/ bungalow pads. We went to NY and she got gam podium ( I know still made by jackson but recommended by
a skate fitter we went to when in NYC bc wider toe box) ( in c widths because that is what she measured at the time, her twin was In D's). Most recently she has been in edea chorus- which we had specially molded to her feet- were very comfortable at first and now a few months later are almost unbearably painful too.

She has tried some orthotics and we have an appt next Wednesday with a sports medicine podiatrist. Radiographs have been taken- no stress fractures or anything. The problem here is no Dr. really knows about figure skating. Her coach usually recommends Jackson's and is not sure where we go from here either- even with custom boots. We went to try on grafs but they only had the medium width which didn't fit at all.

Her feet are 9.5" long and 9" in circumference at the ball/ widest part. She
doesn't have foot pain normally except during and after skating so I have to
believe it is the skates to some degree rather than just a functional problem with her feet.
She does pronate a bit.

We have spoken with John "Mr. Edge" extensively and he has been so incredibly helpful, even asking to see pictures of her feet and x-rays which we have provided. His recommendation was to continue in Jackson's but special order of the 2500 – Premiere- even though we had problems with them in the fast. He recommended an e ball width with medium heel and rounded out toe box. I am also contacting Harlick but, but he feels they will not be able to round out the toebox enough, even with the x-line. I am a little hesitant to go with Jackson premieres again given the problems we had in the past- but he does think seeing photos of her feet that this is still the best skate for her. I have contacted Jackson and Harlick but not heard back. After her doctors appointment I will call directly to speak with Harlick and Jackson but wanted to get a little more input if possible. Her coach has had SP Teri's and hates them and she recently got custom Klingbeils which are too small - she can't wear them at all so she doesn't recommend those brands. We have ruled out Reidell and Risport due to width of her feet. I know everyone's feet are different- but would love to find a solution for her.

Thank you in advance.
Sincerely, Dr. Michele Lentovich