One of the interesting things on the "Poised to break through" thread is some names of skaters who disappeared, some of which some skating fans may not remember. We all seem to have skaters we remember even if they just disappeared.

Who are some skaters you remember?

For me:
In 1996, the Canadian Junior Figures skating medalist in men were: Colin Thompson, Jayson Denomme, and Ben Ferreira. I think most Canadian figure skating fans do remember Denomme and Ferreira, they made the national team several times, and Ferreira went to Worlds a few times. Thompson just disappeared after 1998

Hanae Yokoya of Japan. I mentioned her in the "Poised to break through" thread. She retired in 1999.

Keyla Ohs, a Canadian ladies skater in the mid 90s. She had nice presentation, but no confidence in competition. Our ladies at that time all had that problem. She disappeared after 1999 when she had to withdraw from Canadians at mono.

Nicole Watt-- another young Canadian, she had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, which forced her to retire.

Netty Kim: Canadian Champion in 1995, though she did not qualify for the World Championships that year. She said she quit because she lost the joy in skating. She also had an eating disorder

Marcus Christensen: A Canadian man who was part of the World team in the early 90s. Never mastered his 3A, so never did make it very far.

I know, I know. I'm such a figure skating nerd!