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The 3F-2Lo-2Lo is of utmost importance to Asada, even more so than whatever she chooses as her first 2 passes. It was the first thing that let her down in her Vancouver LP, it has been very inconsistent with regard to underrotations, and it is worth over 10 points if landed well. She can afford a mistake on the Axel if she gets the rotations in, and although she'll probably never get a 3F-3Lo ratified again she can at least get some points for it like we saw at 4CC and WTT. She cannot afford a mistake on the 3F-2Lo-2Lo as a mistake on that usually means a < somewhere, killing both BV and GOE.
Definitely true, she has to perfect it. When I was watching this combination on GPF (video) even before she did a mohawk you could see she had little space, so I think this mistake is a stupid one, but still, it happened and should not happen again.
I still think the first 2 jumping passes are extremely important, as they certainly will affect hugely the way Mao will skate her whole free skate, she'll probably have more confidence and all.
She should concentrate on the 3A and on concentration. She is able to skate cleanly and what she lacks in my opinion may be the lack of stamina to perform such a difficult layout or solely the concentration not to make any stupid mistakes.