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Thread: Gala Exhibition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
    Hanyu's costume for the exhibition is quite suitable for his Romeo and Juliet LP. Just like a prince!
    I thought the same thing! He reallyyy needs to get rid of the Johnny Weir costume.

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    Thanks for the vids Mao88!

    Hanyu's jumping ability is
    And to do a 4T-3A and another 3A is crazy under spotlight

    I love Mao's ex program each time I see it. I heard that the lady Mao shook hands with was an actress/broadcaster for NHK.

    Elena's costume is crazy! I love it though, it's amazing how she can jump let alone skate in that.
    Not too sure about S/S's choreography for Suit and Tie, or lack of...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newbiespectator View Post
    I absolutely loved Radionova's zombie number. It's not often that women's figure skating gets to be this humorous. She really did a good job.
    I agree - humorous and very fun to watch!
    My first thought was Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice
    As for on earth is that considered an exhibition?
    I thought exhibitions were meant to be fun and/or original?
    Looked like she just copied and pasted part of her sp/lp to a different piece of music.

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