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Thread: If Volosozhar & Trankov were to somehow not win the OGM, might they stay for 2018?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlattFan View Post
    They add nothing to the sport except questionable PCS and get my blood boiled. So they should retire today.
    Really? Nothing to the sport? I get that's your opinion, but V/T are one of the most exciting pairs to come out of Russia in years.

    They have some textbook elements... strong lifts, the best 3Tw, huge throws. I only wish they were more ambitious with their SBS jumps and throw choices, but perhaps that's an improvement that we will yet see from them. They're also charming in non-competition/exhibition performances. I continue to dislike their FS this season, but they're also unconventional and like the Germans they experiment with different music and interpretations. Their PCS is monstrous and gives them a rather unfair advantage over the rest of the competition (e.g. P/T should have placed ahead of them at the GPF in the LP) but their quality over most other pairs teams is undeniable. IMO they certainly add much more than "nothing" to the sport.

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    I used to like them more but don't care for their LP at all. Very uninspired choreography, costumes, etc. He has an ego-it seems to be a male thing with top Russian male anythings-very proud people and rightly so, but too many male devos in the sport from Russia. Tatiana has lovely lines, I think she is a very good pair skater. They certainly are better than the other tat/max from 2006-the most boring/emotionless pair skaters I can recall. And the Chinese should have beaten them-Shen/Zhao more often.

    I think the last really beautiful well matched Russian pair were B/S. Anton was so expressive and really was as good as her. I often watched him as she was often expressionless while he was quite the emotive/expressive skater. I really liked B/S despite the errors because they seemed so elegant. I wish the current Tatiana were with a different partner. I don't think their JCS is an Olympic gold program. I prefer S/S this year, but there are so few great pairs these days, we have to take what we can get.

    I sure loved the S/P rivalry with B/S and really liked both teams. Canadians don't have a "great" team imho, and I have given up on USA having a great pair. At least we have great ice dancers. For me, pairs is the last thing I watch, and only the top teams as there isn't a lot of depth in that sport these days. I guess with no money, people need sponsors or rich parents to put in the years they need.

    Why can't there be another G/G? crazy about each other, and matched up as kids? I know, there will never be another G/G. Too good of a fairytale to happen again.

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    V/T have good elements, but they are very much like the Zhangs, but with much worse programs. They haven't done a single program that is worthy of a rewatch.

    Their throws, while huge, lead to twofooting all the time. Not a lot of flow coming out.
    Their SBS jumps are just ok. Their twist doesn't have that floating effect of Peng and Zhang or Takahashi and Tran. It was just well done, but not that special.

    Basically T/M clones. Next!

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