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Thread: Eurosport schedule; listen on the Internet

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    Eurosport schedule; listen on the Internet

    Eurosport has live audio streaming via the Internet and is covering Euros live. The main link is in English: (it seems to work better for me than the link).
    There are also German, French, Spanish and Italian links (click on the flag). Each has different commentators, so if you understand several languages, you can pick your commentator.

    Check the TV Schedule button for coverage. It has changed a bit in the past few days. The rule is that NY (EST) is 6 hours earlier than Central European Time.

    Hence Eastern Standard Times for live Euros broadcasts as currently planned are:

    Monday, 2/2: 1:30pm-3:30pm Pairs SP
    Tuesday, 2/3: 1pm-4:30pm Mens SP
    Wednesday, 2/4: 2pm-3:30pm Pairs LP
    Thursday, 2/5: 8am-11am OD
    Thursday, 2/5: 1pm-4:30 Mens LP
    Friday, 2/6: 8:15am-11am Ladies SP
    Friday, 2/6: 1pm-4:30pm FD
    Saturday, 2/7:7:30am-10:30am Ladies LP
    Sunday, 2/8: 8:45am-11am Gala
    Gala repeats:
    Monday 2/9: 4:30am-6am
    Tuesday, 2/10: 10am-11:30am

    Happy listening!

    (I sure hope I got these right!)

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    Thanks for the schedule, Anke G.!

    Man, too bad the ladies competition doesn't start till Friday!


    Peace, Love & Excited, Nadine (8^D

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