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This is scarily going into politically incorrect territory but in my neck of the woods a 'butch' woman is usually rather 'masculine' (haircut, clothes, even the way she walks/carries herself), and often tends to be a lesbian. Not that there is anything wrong with that but Ashley doesn't come off as 'butch' in that sense of the word at all. She just comes off as not ice-princessy or girlie-girl but a tough, strong young woman. I thought "Black Swan" was fabulous for her and that is generally a balletic piece. I loved her "Red Violin" persona too.

I do agree with those who say that R&J is all wrong for Ashley. She just does not come off as a 'Juliet' in any sense of the word imo. She's tried hard but it's just not happening. I thought I'd love her program by now but it's just left me cold unfortunately. It doesn't feel genuine or authentic on her.
I wasn't using the word in your sense. That is why I put it in quotation marks and even noted that I had done so. I can see Ashley skating Joan of Arc or something similar. If the music she is using wasn't associated with R&J, maybe she would be ok. But even with that, I am hard pressed to know what it is she is interpreting. Doesn't seem to be Juliet or the music. I think the comments of Tara and Johnny are ominous. I hope her team heard them.