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Thread: NBC's The Sound of Music

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    The final scenes had real power, and by the end, I felt that Carrie Underwood was the ideal choice. I don't know whether she's a subtle actress, but her very sincerity fit the role well. The first singing of "Climb Every Mountain" demonstrated this especially effectively. It seemed that Underwood herself was moved to tears by Audra McDonald's singing, and her honest reaction was exactly what Maria should have conveyed. During the rest of that last section, Underwood's straightforwardness was the right contrast to the more worldly Frau Schraeder.

    I think that the emphasis on the political situation at the end was just right, and I have to say that even though I knew the outcome (both in the production and in historical reality), I was on pins and needles. I missed seeing this section the first time the show was telecast, so I got the full impact of it tonight.

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    I adore Anne Hathaway but I don't think she has the "innocence" for this part. I think she had the spunk that would have made her a good real Maria but for musical Maria Carrie was better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiamForeman View Post
    Did anyone watch this on Thursday night? Thoughts? I thought it was beyond awful,
    Any thoughts?
    Yay!! I was able to watch it last night and my thoughts, it was good!!!

    Poor Carrie Underwood was terrible.
    I thought she was good.

    I went into it thinking it was going to be terrible as you reviewed it and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it. I may not be refined enough to know the difference but her voice was splendid and her acting was young and innocent (as is how most actress who are as young as Carrie were at one time).

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