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agreed, and none of the other Julias arent as well known as Julia Lipnitskaya, probably most don't know who they are as evident in some posters not knowing another Julia, for old schoolers, why not use Julia L. if you get confused ?
That's also a very good and practical thought. Who else are we going to call Julia now that we are nearing the climax of the season? The only possibility for confusion might be at Russian Nationals, but even at that event there is still only one true "Julia", so any potential pretenders are probably better off temporarily changing their names, maybe to Lyudmila or Olga.

After that, however, there is likely no practical dilemma until after Sochi.

The reasoning you propose is very much like the way the US Congress chose to deal with the Budget Crisis; after much hemming and hawing, to accept the very practical short-term solution, while kicking the possible long-term problem down the road a bit. As an American, I approve.