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Both of her programs this year are hurt by the step sequences. They just go on and on without enough purpose. Last year David Wilson was brilliant with the construction of the step sequence to the music in the LP. The first 18 seconds of it was grand and fast-paced, but then there's a natural musical transition to a slower and softer piece, which allowed Yu-Na to slowly do required turns for the sequence while looking like she was solely interpreting the music. The sequence actually goes on for 40 seconds but almost the entire second half of it doesn't look like she's performing an element. It's extremely hard to make footwork, with all the ridiculous required rules, work that well choreographically and interpretively.

Beyond that, I feel the choreography for ALL of the spins in the LP should be improved. My breakdown of her current spins, in their current program order, and how I would change them:

FCCoSp4 - This is good until the weak half-upright twisted position she does. Not a good look, slows the spin down, and doesn't go with the music. She should instead do an upright crossleg position there. That's a feature she used in 2010 and for some reason her coaches haven't been utilizing it since then. It would work better. She should also take out her trademark upside-down camel position at the start of the spin here and replace it with a donut position, because the upside-down position needs to be used as a feature later in the program.

LSp3 - There is no point in doing a Layback here. She isn't able to execute this move nearly as well as she used to and it doesn't go with the music. This is a lackluster piece of choreography and just throws .8 base value away technically. She should instead be doing a CCSp4: backwards camel entrance, change to upside-down position, change foot to upward catch-foot camel position, then change to an inside edge after a couple rotations.

CCoSp4 - The change of edge on the Camel has to come out, since we already used it in her previous spin. That's a good change anyway because it slows this spin down, which is particularly distracting when considering how rapidly the music is moving at the end of the program. After the entry camel position she'll go down into a regular sit position, instead of the broken-leg position she's currently attempting right now; that position doesn't look great for her. Following the sit spin she'll pull up into a haircutter layback position. Change foot to back camel, as in the current spin, and then do a jump down into sit spin position. She needs an extra level feature here since we took out the change of edge at the start of the spin and a jump works great with music here anyway. She'll end the spin by pulling up into the upright I position, as she currently does.

Haven't seen Kim do a donut spin in a while. But she can't do Biellmans because her back, so I doubt she'll be showcasing that anytime soon. Her spins always make me sit on the edge of my seat (from nervousness). They've gotten a bit slower since her heyday (albeit faster/steadier since Worlds), but I can't seem to erase that bobbling camel spin in her sp at Worlds out of my head.