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I shared similar concerns that you had. It was beautiful but maybe too artistic to capture the hearts of "wider" audience, I suppose, because in a big event like the Olympics, you probably have better chance of wowing the crowd if you use a bit more arousing, dramatic music rather than inward-looking piece. I hoped she could have used this for the worlds last year and "Les Mis" for the Olympics...
But I can't stop watching Adios Nonino over and over again. It's so subtle, sophisticated, and just gorgeous, I get to appreciate it more and more as I watch. I can notice so much intricate movements and arrangement in the program.

It is a big statement from a skating master, and it is something that will be much appreciated by serious skating fans, but for the big audience who probably watch figure skating only at the Olympics every four years, I think it would have been more strategic to choose an outward-looking piece of music to stir up the crowd.
even if yuna is skating crazy or stripping her costume or whatever there's no way that crowd will ever be excited.. no matter how you sell that program.. that crowd was hard and incredibly bias..