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I could not control where I was born. The skaters that skate for Russia (all Russian athletes) did not have much of a choice when it came to their Nationality. yes, they could change to another country if they really really wanted to, but this sport is all about timing and waiting for citizenship doesn't always happen quickly.

I may completely disagree with you politically and religiously and I still like you just fine If all I did was like and hang out with people that thought exactly like me how boring and skewed would my life be?
But I specifically noted that country of origin is not something I would hold against a skater, Toni. What I disagreed with was your equating religious and political beliefs - which individuals can choose and can decide whether to share publicly or not - with country of origin, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation, which cannot be controlled. Some might say that people can choose whether to express their sexuality or not, but to say that is to deny LGBT people the opportunity to have romantic relationships, so as far as I'm concerned it goes with race, country of origin and the rest.

I have noted more than once in this thread that I don't share MalloryArcher's feelings about all Russian skaters. However, I have little admiration for those Russian skaters who have expressed homophobic views. As for the rest, most just aren't my cup of tea skating-wise - I like some of the pairs, but none with a realistic shot at the podium, and I'm keeping an eye on Julia but am currently undecided about her. Plushy I find entertaining but there are skaters I like better.

I have friends who politics and faith are quite different from mine, but none who have expressed views that I find abhorrent. There are some people in this thread who have expressed such views, however, and some of their comments veer awfully close to being against GS guidelines (as I understand them).