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Thread: Soon the most exciting nailbating J-Nats & X'mas. Lets make a wish to Santa Claus!

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    Soon the most exciting nailbating J-Nats & X'mas. Lets make a wish to Santa Claus!

    The Nationals is very important for all skaters in many countries. To get selected to the Worlds. But once every four years, it becomes a very special competition. To grab their own spot for the Olympic Games. To get to compete at The Games is simply a dream for any athletes in the world. With such depths of the current Men and Ladies disciplines, J-Nats is going to be the most exciting but also nailbiting for sure. And is going to be the final Nats to compete for those who already announced their planned retirement after this season, sadly. Whatever its outcome shall be, it will be very emotional for these skaters and its fans. So, let's hope for the best for all skaters and make a wish to Santa Claus!

    Here goes mine. I have so many.

    1) All skaters to skate with all their heart and soul, and never to give up performing till the very end, with mistakes or not!
    2) Fair enough judging. That we mostly can agree on. No holding up big time or holding down big time, please!
    3) No More Injuries. Daisuke and Chris Reed in particular; they suffered more than enough already.
    4) Crowd to cheer for every skaters and to be supportive to them throughout, regardless of whom they root for the most.

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    You're nice as always, deedee!
    And all your wishes are spot on - please no injurys, no foul judging, and every skater to have performances they can be proud of!

    Greedy as I am, I have some more specific things I really wish for...
    1.) Mao to succeed with her 3A, even if I don't like the 2 3A LP plan.
    2.) Miki to have strong skates that she can be really proud of, olympic team or not
    3.) Akko to make the podium and smile like only she can
    4.) Kanako to come back from her early season troubles and skate a killer SP again
    5.) Yuzu to nail his 4S
    6.) Dai to get his 4T down and get some confidence back (how can you be one of the greatest skaters around and probably ever and have so little self-confidence, uncle Dai?)
    7.) Nobu to make the podium (and actually, the olympic team - sorry Tatsuki!)

    And of course best of luck to all the other guys, especially for Kozu to come back and have to amazing skates, even if I don't think he has any chances of making the olympic team

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    I would agree with all of the above... but also:

    I'd love to see a new PB for Kento Nakamura...
    ...and Ryujyu Hino perform so well that he looks pleased with himself at the end!

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