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Thread: Polina Edmunds GPF/JGPF video

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    Polina Edmunds GPF/JGPF video

    She just posted it today.

    Featuring lots of skaters! Namely the ones in JGPF, but also some cameos of all of Team USA and Moore-Towers/Moscovitch...and Yuzuru Hanyu!

    Wasn't sure where to put it...figured more people would see it here.

    By the way, if you haven't before, be sure to check out her other videos from other competitions. There's one from Broadmoor Open that features Jason Brown doing some version of the Gangnam Style dance.

    And there is an actual Gangnam Style cover that was filmed during the U.S. Challenge Skate in 2012 that features a bunch of skaters, coaches and USFSA officials.

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    Great video! Thank you for posting

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    Finally got to watch it. Just burst out laughing at 3:23. And Kiliakov at the end in the kimono.

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