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Czech Republic

Ladies: Elizaveta Ukolova (she lost Nationals to Brezinova but according to Czech Federation's criteria the Lady who won the Olympic spot at Nebelhorn would qualify to Olympics)
Men: Michal Brezina, Tomas Verner
I do not think that was confirmed yet.
According to their web site, Brezinova was nominated for the EC and the JWC will be determined after their junior nationals. It does not say anything abut OG. Perhaps they are waiting to see if Brezinova can repeat last weeks performance at the EC.

That leads me to ask aquestion.
As per the ISU instructions for the Olympics, those countries with a spot and all alternates should send a form with names of conmpetitiors to the ISU only, no later then 11/1/2014. This is before the EC begins. Therefore I am confused.

Is the ISU only form due by 11/1 name binding and is the country allowed to also register a alternate competitor (just like to WC) or this is not binding and the final name will be sent to Sochi no later than 27/1/14? What is the purpose of sending it twice?

How else will be some countries making decision based on the EC?