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You're comparing GOEs across competitions without taking into consideration how well the elements were actually executed. I think Patrick was marked very highly by the judges in terms of GOE here. Patrick had to work hard on all of his elements at the GPF, many of his jumps did not have great landings or were a little off in some way. Kurt, the Eurosport commentators, and others have acknowledged this. Despite that, he received comparable GOEs to Yuzuru who had easy jumps and better flow out of them. GOE is something that can and should fluctuate from competition to competition depending on how the element is performed that day. I don't think this is 'telling' in any way, and Yuzuru could've received even higher marks on some of his elements.
100% agreed. GOE should vary. Instead of doing some comparisons to TEB - look at his elements from the GPF and say which ones supposedly got too much points... (yes, that means you, qwertyskates). If the only thing you say is "his GOE were a lot higher than at TEB", that doesn't mean much. Despite the fact that the execution might have been diffferent, I might aswell say he was undermarked in GOE in TEB (which I don't even want to do now - it's just meant to show you that this comparison doesn't help you much).

Patrick also got very similar GOE to his TEB performance, which is plain weird. A lot of the elements in his LP were done so much better at TEB, yet they were scored nearly the same. That doesn't really look right to me either, but nobody cries foul because of that (at least I didn't read it). But Yuzuru getting higher GOE for a better performance is supposed to be weird? I don't mean to start a "Chan was overmarked too"-counter attack, we've been there often enough, but scores vary between competitions and this has always been the case. If you want to critizice Yuzuru's marks than do that because of what he actually did on the ice, not because of what the judges did some weeks earlier.