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If there's no rule or principle, i.e. poor TES does not affect PCS, then you must agree your opinion of PC's PCS isn't based on any either. What applies to PC by judges is similar to what is applied to Machida here, i.e. even if his TES fell by half, i.e. he performed 50% of his technical elements, he is entirely entitled to his full PCS as if he performed fully for his TES. So remember, PC's next falls or botched jumps, i.e. TES failures, including those at the Olympics, should not affect his PCS awarded by judges! No cries of "foul!" when that happens.
Machida's TES was so low mainly because he Zayaked (i.e. his 3Lz-2T combo wasn't counted at all), not because he performed "half of his technical elements". There is no reason for this kind of error to affect PCS (as opposed to falling, stepping out and other visibly disruptive jump mistakes), so this isn't at all like what Patrick usually does.