Wow just saw some Syncronized skating, damn thats some impressive stuff! I already have trouble to not collide with a single person, but those young ladies somehow managed to not collide with up to 16 skaters!

Every skater in those large groups had to be in sync with the others, but also aware of whats happening around them - really impressive stuff.

They also have such cute names like Scarlet, Skating Graces etc. My favorites definately were the Skating Graces Novice, loved their dresses in the colours of Saxony which they also represented. Also from my home state were the Saxony Ice Pearls they were different and in a uniform outfit, but not worse at all.

I think it was a real pity that there were only one or two teams actually competing today + they only had FS´s to offer! I wonder why this is the case? Are there just not enough young ladies available for that type of sport?

And why was it only Saxony, Bavaria and Berlin that had teams ready for the competition? Questions I need to find the answers to for sure.

Without competition Team Berlin Novice won in the advanced novice Sys Free skating, with competition however the Skating Graces did in the Basic Novice A, versus the Saxony Ice Pearls.

Definately need to check this more often in future, lovely sport and imagine this at the Olympics - I say why not!?

Ladies in a bit...