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Thread: Who is everyone's guess for ladies podium-can Ashley take bronze?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pec0 View Post
    Probably the order is fixed as
    1st Kim
    2nd Julia
    3rd Asada, Kos. or Wagner

    If Kim failed to land more than one jumps clearly, 1st will be Julia.
    It will not surprize me one bit if this is what happens - or if 2 Russian skaters make it to the podium Julia/Adelina if both happen to skate lights out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drivingmissdaisy View Post
    Between GOE and PCS, a clean Yuna would score a total of 20+ ahead of a clean Julia, 5+ in the SP and 15+ in the LP. That's more than one jump error.
    It depends how much vodka and gin the Russian federation members have ready for the judges at the Games.

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    i will not predict.. of course i want yuna to do well.. but i also want to see kostner getting at least a medal.. depending on how she will skate that day.. if she does well.. then i think she deserves it.. no offense to wagner, julia, adelina.. but kostner's skating is pure beauty on ice..

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