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Thread: "Getting emotional over figure skating's Kiss and Cry" (NBC video)

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    "Getting emotional over figure skating's Kiss and Cry" (NBC video)

    Getting emotional over figure skating's Kiss and Cry
    Glitter, designer costumes and major drama; what's not to like about figure skating? The stars of the U.S. figure skating team describe the emotional scene awaiting their scores in the famed Kiss and Cry. (2:14 video)

    I think this video is new.
    Have refrained from starting a separate thread for every NBC video featuring skaters, but I thought this one might be of a little wider interest.

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    Reckon this is geoblocked...

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    Cute video! It is really difficult for skaters to sit in the Kiss & Cry, especially after a bad skate.

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    geoblocking sucks a$$.

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