So does anyone have any news on them?
I love Javi and i'm worried after his gp series... Has there been something of in his preparation or is he just slowly going towards the main goal..? Plus in the ice network interview a while back with Brian he said something like Javi isn't going for the gold (not even close in those words) but Yusu is. So i'm wondering if he's happy with his last year's success and not pushing it this season...?

Also, what about those programs? Should he do any changes to those? Are they limiting his abilities? I was upset when Dave L said the lp is a joke... I love the lp beginning but otherwise I don't like either of them as much as last year's lp.. Plus for some reason I dislike the sp outfit... those butt-thingies are distracting to me. AND also the same with his lp outfit... I get the point to his shirt, but it's not classy..

And then we have our lovely Denis Ten. He's had issues with injury, but i guess he's working hard and it's been showing in his competition outside gp. But is his programs good enough? And can he succeed at the Olympics? He's kind of having the same type of season as last year (health/boot/whatever issues and not doing so great) and I'm hoping he's saving his programs of his life (or at least season) to the games.

I loved his last seasons lp and I don't know about he's this seasons programs (probably because I haven't seen them that much yet).

Anyways please let's not bring our biggest gold medal candidates to this discussion (P & Y) because there's like a million threads to them already.. I think with Javi and Denis, the top results would be silver for either.. The men are always a bit wild to me and anything can happen, just not so much that one can win i think...