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Thread: latest on Kiira? Caro? Osmond?

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    Wow, both are great, especially Jenni , and she is only 14yo ????, her skating is so mature and much more refined than Elena R. and Anna P.

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    Yes she was born 09/03/1999. You can only imagine how excited I am about next season haha My guess is that if Kiira is not back in shape we will see either Jenni or Liubov Efimenko ( ) in 2015 EC and Worlds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skateluvr View Post
    Oh, this is sad as I also enjoyed very much Laura Lepisto. I know people didn't like it when she won the bronze at Worlds but given that an injury ended her career not long after, I was happy for her, and happy to see destiny or what have you, give her a happy ending. Kiira has grown on me over the years. I like her costumes, always different-more European than NA tastes, but elegant, simple, not overdone. She really is a beautiful vision on the ice. There are so many stunning skaters, and she certainly is one-a good athlete and a maturing artist.

    I really hope to see her again and healthy.
    I really miss watching her skate this season. I also like her costumes and elegance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sochi_2014 View Post
    Here is Osmond's LP at the Skate Canada Challenge recently. She was 5th after the short, but won the long with about 119 points, and ended up winning the whole thing.

    And an article :
    sadly, I cant see it, the video. I don't know why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sara View Post
    Jenni is the most talented Finnish skater in a long time, alongside Kiira and Laura of course I would say that Jenni is more consistent and talented jumper than K & L ever were. The video posted above doesn't really do justice for her. I saw Jenni in another competition just recently where she skated both her SP and FP perfectly. In an interview she said she would like to be in top 10 in the upcoming junior worlds. Her idols include Kiira (with whom she trained until last Summer) and Gracie Gold.

    Here's another talented young Finn (Emmi Peltonen) who won silver at junior nationals:

    About Kiira's injury, I really hope she makes full recovery but I'm not too optimistic taking into account the fact that she has been struggling with achilles problems for a few years already.
    There's also Liubov Efimenko from Lahti, who won silver in the senior level and was only a few points behind Juulia.

    EDIT: I see you mentioned her in another post!

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