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Thread: Documentary of Pakhomova-Gorshkov

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    Documentary of Pakhomova-Gorshkov

    I had find this wonderful document about one of the greatest and most historical Ice Dance team of Pahomova-Gorshkov.
    This couple was the main reason of accepting Ice Dance as an Olympic Sport. After 1 year break in 1975. (having a child) they return to win the first ever Olympic Gold in their discipline.

    Even though it was very obvious that Pahomova is the better skater than Gorshkov, this team unified the Russian classical School with the ballroom dance,
    WITHOUT the "overdone" style which came in fashion later on.

    You can see some of their best Programmes in this video and you can understand that without them it would not have been the way to have Torvil-Dean or Virtue-Moir. That kind of tasteful, simple perfection which matters the most in this discipline originally comes from them.
    Of course, the technical difficulty (and the limiting rules) was very different from those of now days, but Pahomova always find the best style and she seems to be very modern even after 40 years!!

    Please, don't forget them!!!
    Gorshkov gives his legacy as a sport diplomat (recent President of the Russian Federation), but unfortunately we will never know how Pahomova as a coach would change the direction of the discipline because of her early death...
    I'm sure she should change the history of this sport as a coach if she were having longer time, and those "überdramatic" Russian dance teams wouldn't flourishing unless they would choose a more sophisticated style.

    Enjoy !

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    I fell in love with ice dancing when I watched Pakhomova & Gorshkov win the 1976 Olympics!

    It was so sad that Pakhomova died so young! However, Pakhomova did contribute to coaching. It is worth remembering that Igor Shpilband and his partner Tatiana Gladkova were coached by Lyudmila Pakhomova from the time he was 12 to the time he was 20. Shpilband & Gladkova retired from competitive ice dancing after Pakhomova's death.

    So I think it's fair to say that Davis & White and Virue & Moir both benefited from Pakhomova's coaching., as have many other teams

    A minor planet 3231 Mila, discovered by Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Zhuravlyova in 1972 is named after her

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    Pakhomova-Gorshkov were the revolutionaries of soviet and ice dance as a whole
    much like the Propotovs in Pairs, they certainly deserve the same recognition as some overrated couples
    like Torvil/Dean or the double twists of Gordeeva/Grinkov

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    They were wonderful! I remember watching the ice dancing in that Olympics and thinking that this was a branch of skating I would always love and enjoy. At that time, the balance between the partners was different, and I remember hearing that it was the man's job to present the lady. No one took to the spotlight like Lyudmila. We in the U.S. didn't get a lot of information about life in the Soviet Union back then, and it was a great distress to hear about her death some years after it happened. I'm glad to hear that her influence lives on in Shpilband, and through him in the Canton skaters.

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