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Thread: Kindle security/virus protection

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    Kindle security/virus protection

    Recently I decided how to transport my kindle fire hd to Nationals . Now, I'm thinking since I will be accessing email via the hotels wifi should I have some type of antivirus/security on my kindle. Since I've rarely used it for anything buy reading, I've never given it any thought.

    I use avast free on my pc and I know they have something for tablets but don't really know if it is necessary.

    Any thoughts or recommendations??

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    it might be, but I've never bothered to buy it.

    You can always completely reset your software if you have a problem. Your content is all on amazon cloud, provided you've uploaded copies of anything that you didn't buy from them to your cloud storage. (videos, photos, docs, books, apps).

    My one effort in this area is that I never do money (banks, mortgages, bills) related things where my credit card is stored with phones or tablets. I always see these devices as something I can easily have drop out of my pocket, or be stolen with my purse. There is always going to be a delay between when you lose it, and when you can report it lost to amazon, at&t, etc. One can't avoid having your amazon account info on a Kindle-however if you run into trouble with it, you can go to amazon at once and change your password, and even your email account on any PC, and people who find/steal, your kindle won't be able to access your account.

    I'd be interested to know whether anyone else has had positive or negative experiences with mobile antivirus programs.

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