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Thread: Overblading a skater?

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    Overblading a skater?

    I'm an adult skater (5'7", 160 pounds). I'm completing adult basic and am getting ready to start freestyle lessons and I want to upgrade my blades from wilson excel to an intermediate blade. However, my pro shop has a pair of brand new MK goldstar blades on clearance-- a single new pair that happens to fit my larger boot size. I wouldn't normally consider a blade of this caliber, but the clearance price is actually cheaper than the retail price of intermediate blades. Is there a downside to purchasing them? Most of the arguments I've heard against overbuying blades is that the expense of higher blades was wasted on less advanced skaters. But with price not being a factor, are there reasons someone like me should NOT try the Goldstar? Thanks for your help and advice.

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    If the toepicks are significantly larger, you'll spend a week or two tripping over them. A bigger issue is if the rocker is different than your old blades. That can be a longer adjustment....except you're not really doing much yet, so it may not be as much of a factor.

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    Gold Stars are similar to the Professionals with a slightly larger toepick. However, the base pick (the lowest pick of the toe pick) is angled downwards more so beginners may have a greater tendency to the drag their toepicks and it's more of a trip hazard. The blade is also thinner so it may be more difficult to control. But, as with any change in blade there will be an adjustment period and I'm sure you could probably get used to it. Problem is it's hard to step down when it comes time to get new blades. Also Gold Stars are more difficult to sharpen so that there's a greater chance of them being ruined. It's your call though. I just switched to Gold Stars from Visions and love them, but I'm at double jump level. Have you asked your coach yet? Some coaches prefer their students to use certain blades.

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    I agree - talk to your coach about it. You might be okay, but it may also present some problems - it's a tough call to make over the internet. Generally if you have all of your single jumps and basic spins it will be fine, but moving up to a higher level blade at a lower level can make a lot of skills harder to pick up if you don't have them yet mostly because of the difference with the angle and size of the drag pick (that's the bottom toe pick).

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    Welcome to Golden Skate, returngsktr!

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    For adults. You can use MK Pro or equivalent blade from beginning freestyle to doubles. They should last a couple or few years unless you skate a ton, of course.

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