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Thread: John Zimmerman On Queer Eye

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    First of all, to have the money for that apartment and not at least get some advice from a decorator?
    I know! This happens all the time. I once went to a party in an apt that was so fabulous,I couldn't even afford to buy a door knob. The party was catered with the most delicous hooty-tooty food, but the guy (wall street investor) had spent about an hour buying all of the decore from one crummy store. This was before Ikea saved the clueless and cheap. This crap was like straight off the set of "Rosanne". He even had a framed picture of kittens in a basket on the wall! And not in a kitch, tongue-in-cheek way either. I wanted to slap him.

    As for the fab 5...we all know it's a gimic. They are experts and know their job, which will never stop the general public who go on this show because they are clueless, from finding fault. (One wife actually spit out the gourmet hor-d-orvers) Anyone who's seen a Liberace or Elton John concert, or seen how Ellen D dresses, knows that gay people are not born with some inherent taste gene.

    As for John, and how a Barneys model can show up to a posh rest. in a track suit.....perhaps he is to fashion as Surya and Tonya were to ballet. Just because it's all around you and everyone keeps telling you you need to spiff up, doesn't mean that you aren't going to dig your heels in and stubornly insist on "doing it my way".

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    So glad a friend called and reminded me about John Z. on QE--I thoroughly enjoyed the show! Damn that's a fine man! I can't count how many times I used the Tivo controls (reverse, pause, slo-mo!). Is it getting warm in here?


    PS. Rgirl, don't you hate it when you think of things after the fact?? Giving your friend a $20 would've been the way to go IMO!

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    re: Zimmerman on Queer Eye

    Queer Eye is my favorite show, and I think John was terrific! He was such a good sport about the makeover, and he was so friendly and charming--I think the Fabs realized he didn't need as much help as their other "victims" do.

    Still, it was really nice to see him in those Armani clothes, and the apartment did need a decorator! It's interesting that they didn't harm a hair on John's head--finally they had a subject whose hair they liked!

    Ilia photo site:

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    I'm disappointed that they didn't cut Zimmerman's hair, but relieved that only the picture above the couch came from IKEA. The furniture came from "Maurice [something or other]" -- I couldn't catch the last name. Whew. I thought they were losing it.

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    Maurice is a big name in Manhattan, and I did like the furniture they got.


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