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Thread: List of ISU Federations

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    List of ISU Federations

    Here are a list of ISU federations, with links to their websites (if any)-sometimes knowing what a federation is named will help you find the National championship for that federation or to find a link to results from it:

    Of course, sometimes not
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    One new federation to add to the list.

    United Arab Emirates Ice Sports Federation

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    Some more fedetations have sites

    Figure and Speed Skating Association of Thailand

    Federacio Adorrana d'Esports de Gel

    Confederação Brasileira de Desportos no Gelo

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    The ISU site's list of member federations (leading to links):

    ETA, I'm realizing that since the redesign of the ISU site, its "Web and Social" links for the federations leave something to be desired. Just a couple of examples:
    ~ On the U.S. page, the ISU fails to provide the link to itself -- but gives all the USFS social media links (FB, Twitter, YT, and more). The ISU's recognition that social media platforms can be very informative is admirable, but it is no excuse for forgetting to include a fed's primary website.
    ~ The Australia page gives no links for ISA -- neither its website nor its Twitter account.

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