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Saying Kostner is the closest if her jumps had been more reliable is like saying Sasha is the female skater who has everything, except for the whole lack of consistency thing.
Sasha, even with consistency, is not half the skater most of the top tier skaters today are. Even if Sasha can land 7 triples, her flutz is still a flutz, her tiny jumps are still tiny, her low level spins are still low level, her shallow edge throughout her step sequence is still shallow. Do you understand this?

Kostner has textbook jumps in EVERY SINGLE triple. Has unmatched skating skill. Her jumps are huge. Her speed is blazing. sky_fly20 is hyperbolic, but it's not exactly unimaginable that a clean Kostner is as special as a unicorn. A clean Sasha is just an average skater with average skill and below average jumps and undeserved praised for steps and spins.