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Thread: Video livestream links

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    Thanks sky_fly20 for this and all other information

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    Looking at the schedule on, the Gala starts at 13:55 MSK (09:55 GMT).

    According to the page sky_fly20 has linked to, the Awards Ceremony starts roughly an hour earlier, i.e. 13:00 MSK (09:00 GMT).

    However, when I tried the sportbox streams at the start pf the Championships, they did not work for me.

    I really want to see the Awards Ceremony, largely to see what the body language is between Plushy and Kovtun. So, does anybody know if the Awards Ceremony are also going to be shown on russiasport (or anywhere else, for that matter)?

    Thank you sky_fly20 for being such a great help to us all during your National Championships! I for one really appreciate it!


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