I loved hearing Adam's interview, and what I enjoyed most about it is that it really confirmed my impressions of his attitude change this season. I think it would to be wrong to say that he was exactly "diffident" before, but in nowise did he have this sense of demanding your attention as he has had this season. I think it is truly inspiring when a skater one has seen around for some time, suddenly... transforms in this fashion. I'm a bit hesitant in saying this, as it can be misinterpreted, but bear in mind that as a Plushy uber this is the highest compliment I can pay ... And that is: There is decidedly something Plushy-esque about his stance. The feline selfconfidence of not questioning who and what you are, or if you have any right to be there. And also the part where he talked about concentrating on his own performance and what he could do - I believe Plushy said once that if he started to worry about everybody else, he would constantly be beaten. So... Really, I wish Adam the very best of luck at US Nationals, and that this all works out for him!