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ITA, especially about his flamenco SP. I just re-watched it ... he nails it right from the beginning. I only wish his FS suited him as well. Someone on the YouTube video of his Nationals FS said that, while the skating was excellent, the program itself was boring, and I'm inclined to agree.

Maxim's made huge strides since placing 17th at Worlds last season. He didn't seem able to cope with the pressure a few months ago, but now, he looks ready to lead the new generation of Russian men. The fact that he beat Plushenko in Russia makes it clear that he's considered the future. And his quads, while not yet at Patrick or Yuzuru's level of sheer jaw-dropping awesomeness, are incredibly tight and fast in the air. Sometimes increasing technical difficulty on such short notice can lead to sloppy, as-long-as-you-land-'em jumps, so I'm beyond glad that Maxim doesn't have that problem.

This pretty much sums up my view of Maxim: A rookie senior who made the podium at BOTH GP events and qualified for the GPF, in an OLYMPIC season? This guy's goin' places.
Kovtuns quad toe is the definition of "sloppy as long as as he lands it" nobody does a worse one.