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Thread: Ankle tensor

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    Ankle tensor

    Hi so I have had some mild ankle problems recently nothing serious just off and on pain it has started to go away but I bought an elastic ankle support tensor anyways I am planing to wear it when my ankle hurts as well as during gym class ( we do lots of running and working out ) and during other activities like running would doing this help anything and could it hurt anything . I know this isn't very specific but generally speaking would it hurt anything or would it prevent it hurting. Thanks in advance

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    Rest your ankle when it is in pain. The worst thing you could do is skate on an ankle which needs resting. Here is a link to a video which takes you through relieving your ankle's pain:

    Also, have you thought of seeing a doctor/physio? It is best to see one, because it could be something serious. Anyway, I hope your ankle gets well soon.

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