I also think Tonya was affected by Kristi's retirement as she was motivated by chasing Kristi, whose abilities she respected. Despite having small jumps she didnt wimp out on technical content, and always went for some of the hardest jumps even without a 3axel (triple lutz-triple toe, triple flip-triple toe at times, a 2nd triple lutz, 6 and 7 triple programs), and usually delivered. Despite being given an artistic advantage in the judges eyes over everyone, especialy Midori and Tonya, Kristi still pushed herself hard technically as well and was a ferocious competitor who loved a fierce athletic competition. I think Tonya resented Nancy who she thought was really not that great a technical skater, artist, certainly not a competitor and who she believed benefited from her hype and prettiness. At the 93 Nationals Nancy skated almost as badly as Tonya but won easily, while Tonya came 4th behind nobody Kwiatkowski who landed only 1 triple, and missed the team. At the 92 Olympics Nancy's poor LP was placed above Tonya's decent one in that phase (it wouldnt have changed the podium mind you) by nearly almost every judge, and Nancy was winning medals even with splatty performances while Tonya needed to land her triple axels to challenge Kristi and Midori or even medal at all. Nancy was hyped up to U.S and World #1 instantly by the USFSA and U.S press when Kristi retired prematurely.

Who knows with 3 spots for the 94 Games but Kristi around, it might be Nancy (who NEVER would have become #1 with Kristi still around, especialy with the garbage skating she showed in the 93 season) who would be feeling the heat. Maybe she would have hired Jerry Solomon to club her so called good friend Kristi or Tonya.

What I will say is Kristi's winning the 92 Olympics and going pro early had a carryover effect for many skaters, for many years to come, I believe.