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Thread: Can Gracie Gold finally win US Nationals ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sky_fly20 View Post
    not to offend, but sorry Osmond is a non threat for Sochi
    I agree. The contenders for Sochi are Kim, Asada, Kostner, Suzuki, Sotnikova, Lipnitskaia, Gold, and major long shots at best for Wagner, Murakami, and maybe Osmond. However she cant be grouped with stronger contenders like Gold or the Russians, just like Gold and the Russians cant be grouped with Kim and Asada.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianSkaterGuy View Post
    Congratulations to Gracie! She skated with such conviction and it was great to see her finally get it together when it matters most.

    First Sotnikova wins Russians with her best, finally practically clean, competition and now Gracie wins with a finally practically clean competition. And then Osmond wins with a practically clean competition. Looks like these ladies are ready to fight in Sochi.
    Hey, Gracie's got a new blue dress. Anything can happen now.

    Did I mention her dress is now BLUE?

    Release the Kraken!

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    When I saw Gracie finish her FS, I had a feeling this would be near 140, and wow, did she deliver. She looked like princess Aurora after her rose adagio- whew, look what I just did!
    She's def the face for US women in sochi (tho I think Polina may have greater artistic potential).

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