No matter who gets overscored/underscored in Sochi, no matter how political the games get in judged sports, I will not throe popcord at the TV. Actually I have never thrown food or anything at the TV.

I will be grateful for coverage and root quietly for the elders, the underdogs, the underscored. But if it goes the way it often does, I will smile and say nice job to skater x,y and z fans as they hit the podium. I will not ask anything controversial. I will be one of the "Stepford skating fans." No names for examples, lol.

Any Resolutions as the New Year approaches? How about the fans of two Asian top skaters decide not to machete each other Go along and get along. Kristi and Michelle and peggy are my new role models-esp. Peggy. Only Sasha got her criticism after a career of falls. This is half serious/half jest. I will be sad when the season ends and the boards become quiet rehashes of 1994.