I seem to find issue with the use of the arms if the Russian girls. Tukt and JuLip are very nontraditional, very busy, and very distracting. I am a fan of both for various reasons, but do not understand the use of the arms in such a distracting way. I wonder if this is a choreographic style we are seeing, or something to embellish on plain North American style as taught in basics from the beginning. The Japanese do not have any skater who uses her arms in such a manner either.

I see such a disquieting, disconnect between upper and lower bodies. I think Julia would be far more effective as an artist if she used far les motion. Her hands are everywhere. It ruins the program. Tukt is similar though not as bad. I honestly do not get it and I wonder how Julia is getting these scores when her positions are either exploiting the quick gumby positions she can achieve. I honestly, sincerely, do not understand these arm movements and must go back and watch Makarova/leonova to see if it is everyone or just newbies.

Any comments, explanations, reactions appreciated. Julia could be a very effective skater with her jump consistency, but the presentation is at times thoroughly too busy and downright annoying for me. She is not the only one, but she is someone being touted as a podium threat and many like her skating. ?