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Thread: Double Jumps Help

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    Double Jumps Help

    I've been doing double jumps for years now but my coach wants me to do double double combination jumps, for example double salchow into double loop.
    I used to be able to do it but I am really struggling as once I have done the double salchow, I have no speed to go into the next jump.

    Does anyone know of any ways that would help me jump better?

    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks x

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    How is the landing of the first jump? If you are doing the double sal by itself, do you get a lot of speed and flow coming out of it?

    The bigger and stronger the first jump is, the easier the second jump will be.

    Do you practice double sal, single loop to make sure you have a good take off position and enough speed for the single loop?

    Can you easily add a double toe to your jumps - whether the first jump is a single or a double? Loops tend to be harder to add as a combo that toes.

    Trust whatever your coach is telling you. He/she sees your jumps and can give much better tips geared towards your specific issue. I have no idea if you are leaning too far forward, have a cheated first jump, a scratchy landing, a small first jump,...

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    On that note, also practice single jump into double jumps. They will help you better understand the take off timing going into your double jump. Also practice double loops and double toes with very little setup, like go from standstill and do just a few turns for set up.

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