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Thread: Bavarian Open 2014 Jan 29 to Feb 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post
    They will just put all the scores together?

    I really don't understand why they split the skaters into different groups in the first place (and on what basis). Under IJS the judges aren't using ordinals so too many skaters is not a problem. I guess it's very hard to focus but you could just have more breaks for them maybe?
    I honestly dont have an answer for that. We were asking this ourselfs when we heard it. But yes, they put all scores into the same mixer ...

    About the judges I heard something sad today... the judge from Israel arrived at Oberstdorf very late yesterday, his hotel was already closed and he couldnt get in. He was sitting in the cold the whole night ... Thats why he was missing this morning during the advanced Boys. Poor guy!

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    Junior Ladies II

    First four groups through. Tatjana Heß was fantastic with her titanic skate, loved this performance so much!

    Current standing top three:

    1. Matilda Gianocca 117.14

    Lovely performance, she has lots of fun and enjoyed her time here. She also got a little present from I believe her mom

    2. Tatjana Heß 106.92

    Fantastic skate to Titanic, very emotional performance - she was spot on with everything she did and dodged every ice berg - she would have been a much better captain then the old white beard! Great girl!

    3. Elin Hallberg 105.29

    A very sexy young lady, she is very pretty. She got golden blades, loved the wide of some of her jumps - huge distance traveled there.

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    Just back from the victory ceremony and I still own you the result!

    First of all, the Junior Ladies were awarded seperately! The info I got earlier about a combined result where therefore wrong. Sorry about that!

    That said we had the following girls at the podium.

    Junior Ladies I

    1 Jenni SAARINEN FIN 136.14 2 1
    2 Liubov EFIMENKO FIN 127.11 6 2
    3 Michaela Cymberleigh DU TOIT RSA 117.81 3 4

    Jenni like a pro, giving every camera a smile! I really hope that she will go her way, after losing Alisa and Julia in the past years, I really miss a skater from Finland - not writing off Julia & Kira ofc. but ya Jenni could be the one to fill that empty spot in my heart

    Michaela was also very happy, she smiled so much!

    Junior Ladies II

    1 Maria-Katharina HERCEG GER 139.77 1 1
    2 Angelina KUCHVALSKA LAT 131.61 4 2
    3 Matilda GIANOCCA SUI 117.14 16 3

    Maria like Jenni, great infront of the camera! She still had her skating outfit on, while Jenni was already in street wear so to speak.

    Angelina is a cute one, I guess she didnt expect to stand on the podium today - she seemed a bit overwhelmed but cool at the same time.

    Matilda, she was awesome. Big grin on her face, after all she was 16 after her SP - what a huge jump by the swiss!

    Needles to say we also had many other skaters in the room of the victory ceremony and they also got a reward. It was really crowded but a nice experience to also see one of my favorites Sarah Anderson who came 12th or Tanja Odermatt who came 4th.

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    Glad to see both Jenni and Liuba on the podium. Great job from the German girl too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sara View Post
    Glad to see both Jenni and Liuba on the podium. Great job from the German girl too!
    Jenni is very friendly, quite an outgoing person isnt she? But ya, she most likely is used to be in the public a lot, your journalist´s in Finnland must love her - I just hope they dont pressure her too much. Liuba as you call her, seems to be a very strong talent as well, she just needs to put it on the ice I think.

    I hope to see both Fins soon again here in Germany, we usually had many Fins visiting us - but this season just Julia came over and some of your younger skaters. Btw. Henna & Ossi! I love them so much! Cant wait to see them, AGAIN! I saw them a lot this season, their FD is amazing and I would give them the gold medal of "how to make Alex cry" :D

    I will give you the details tomorrow, its time for sleep now

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    Advanced girls II can be found on page three, just updated them. Will do the Juniors now.

    Btw. I saw the ice dance advanced, while I wont review every couple there, some of them were really nice. Its scary that there are russian dance couples who have the same expression like Elena does! So young and already such a expression, crazy!

    Right now running the first junior men, I wont cover those fully though - I wont to finish the Junior Ladies first

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    Junior Ladies I Review

    Junior Ladies I

    1 Jenni SAARINEN FIN 136.14 2 1

    When Jenny was skating it was very quiet at the ice rink, she just grabbed everyones attention with her skate! The 13 years old Fin who recently won the junior nationals, has an amazing presence on the ice and she reminds me a bit of Laura with her open minded personality off ice.

    Jenni who struggled yesterday with her triple Rittberger managed to put this one on the ice nicely today, also her double Axel - triple Toe & triple Sal - double Toe - double Toe were very solid and above average, amazing spins as well - I liked the layback most - just lovely and she only had one tiny error at the triple Lutz, where she had to fight hard to stay on her feet.

    However, Jenni is one of those skaters I cant take pictures of, as I dont want to miss a second of her performance. She has everything what it takes to become the new finnish Nr. 1 - that said, she is still so young and building too much pressure is most likely not what we should do. Therefore I just want to say that she is a great joy to watch on and off ice and I wish her well and hope she will come visit us very soon again.

    2 Liubov EFIMENKO FIN 127.11 6 2

    Our second young lady from Finland had some up and downs today, but still made a nice jump in the rankings. First the good news, she performed a great double Axel - triple Toe combination, also her triple Sal - double Toe was decent and I still wonder how she managed to actually land that triple Lutz! What I also enjoyed were her lovely spins including a Bielmann - she has a lot potential I think, but Jenni seems the more stable girl on the ice to me.
    That said Liubo even attempted a third combination, consisting of a triple Loop - double Toe, but didnt manage to complete this one and the last toe was just a single.

    3 Michaela Cymberleigh DU TOIT RSA 117.81 3 4

    She is one of those young ladies that you wont forget after seeing them first. Her smile is just so great, also at the VC - wonderful young lady from South Africa! What I like about her performance however is the sense of music and rythm she has. Her elements are spot on and you really buy her performance and those spins are just beautiful, they all received a level four and my favorite was her layback - I love those and her dress was like a second skin!

    Besides that she performed a double Lutz - double Toe and double Axel - double Toe combination and spread her other jumps consisting of Lutz, Axel, Flip and Toe (latter triple) nicely.

    I can highly recommend this one as well.

    4 Alissa SCHEIDT GER 112.62 1 8

    Oh dear, the young lady from Munich did not have her best day sadly. She went for the big jumps again, but sadly her triple Sal and triple Toe did lack that one last rotation and she had to fight hard to stay on her feet. That fight however was sadly lost at the Rittberger where she fell.

    At the end of her program she showed a nice double Axel - double Toe, which was spot on with the music.

    5 Rebecca GHILARDI ITA 112.20 4 5

    Beccy, was a fun girl on the ice - I loved her interaction with the crowd, she animated us to clap for her during the skate - great! What I noticed about her was that the left knee was heavily strapped, not sure if she was carrying an injury, but if so then even more respect for her performance. She didnt need much preperation for her jumps, some of those just came out of nowhere so to speak and she had to go deep in her knee´s at times to recover the landings of her double´s ( FLip, Lutz and Axel - latter she didnt get the full rotation sadly). The Italian also performed a double Rittberger - double Rittberger combination and a double Lutz + Rittberger combination. Great girl!

    6 Chiara THIELE GER 110.55 5 6

    Our "little" pirate girl, loved the outfit, I wonder however where she parked her black pearl as Oberstdorf got mountains, but no big lake!

    The 13 years old local hero had a decent performance this evening. She performed the double Axel - double Toe twice and had to fight hard on her Lutz - Toe - Toe combination (all double). Some really nice spins as well, respect!

    7 Matilde BATTAGIN ITA 108.90 10 3

    Matilde made a lovely FS, wonderfull performance to who wants to live forever, of the always smiling Italian who landed a nice triple Sal - double Toe and triple Toe, also the Axel at the beginning looked very solid from here.

    Great young Lady, worth watching!

    8 Paula MIKOLAJCZYK GER 107.83 8 7

    Paula did start with two triple´s the Sal and Toe, both sadly with a few issues on the landings, no issues however on the double Axel - double Toe combination and I really liked her positive attitude on the ice and that wonderful level 4 Flying Camel early in the program.

    9 Maria MARTINEZ ESP 93.07 9 10

    She did skate to nothing else matters and it was indeed like nothing else mattered during those three and a half minutes, she has a great way of performing - deep looks in the eyes, lovely! I liked her elegance a lot, she opened with a double Axel - double Toe and spread her other jump elements nicely, no triples but as said - it didnt matter at all. I would honestly like to see an EXH skate of her.

    10 Nadine SEIDL GER 88.96 11 9

    I saw that dress of black and white, with the masks before and I love that outfit. Definately one of the best dresses this year, with the winning dress of Anne Zetzsche

    However, Nadine who also skates for Munich had an interesting build in her programm. Many of the jump elements like Lutz and Rittberger were quite late, thats brave! Lovely spins in her routine as well, nice skater!

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    Junior Ladies II Review

    Junior Ladies II

    1 Maria-Katharina HERCEG GER 139.77 1 1

    What can I say, this one is awesome! She got everything, the looks, the attitude, the personality and a great designer! I absolutely loved her dress, I believe she was the only Lady tonight that went for pants and she rocked those!
    I saw this young lady a few years ago for the first time - in Chemnitz I believe and I am impressed by her development, especially the way she performs for the crowd is impressive. I say it again, a skater that grabs you is worth more in my opinion than someone who does quads, triples etc. but only for him or herselfs.

    The 15 years old won the bronze medal at Brasov in 2013 at the european youth olympics and performed a wonderful triple Toe - double Toe and a double Rittberger - double Toe combination. Also part of her powerful performance was a triple Sal whhich she had to fight hard for, brilliant step sequence at the end as well, really lovely and she can now put in her CV that she has not only won the bronze medal and the Juniors Ice Challange at Graz - no she also scored more points than Jenni.

    A skater I can highly recommend to you, especially since she is a grown up young lady already who has everything a female skater needs.

    2 Angelina KUCHVALSKA LAT 131.61 4 2

    She is also one for the books! Her outfit was amazing, not sure why but many of the russian, Latvian, Lituanian outfits are just a real eye catcher.
    As for Angi today, damn she went for some high risk elements. Triple Toe (very late in the program), Triple Toe - double Toe - double Rittberger, triple Sal - double Toe and also a brave double Axel at the end! She has a wonderful smile as well, her layback spin at the end - a spin for the record books or at least the wall in your living room, so beautiful!

    One of my absolute fav´s here and a big skater for the future - lets hope she stays healthy and gets through puperty safe!

    3 Matilda GIANOCCA SUI 117.14 16 3

    Another wonderful young lady here! Her spins all level 4 and what a smile she got! At the VC... she was like - bang the sun just rose! Great personality and she got the crowd going as well.

    As for her elements, Triple Rittberger, Triple Toe and triple Sal (sadly fall but fully rotated still) and she also went for the triple Sal - double Toe combination, latter sadly just single. She also got a present thrown on the ice, I believe by her mom.

    Very sympathic young lady from the Swiss!

    4 Tanja ODERMATT SUI 116.58 6 4

    Also from the Swizz and one of my favs from from Budapest! I remember how she sat at the crowd in Budapest and nobody noticed her. I believe this will change in the next few years, if she keeps working hard. Tanja has a big potential with triple Toe and triple Sal - both jumps she does solo and in combination with a double Toe, also her spins receive level 4. While she didnt come clean today, it is something to build on and I believe with her personality and technical skill she could help the swizz who had to say goodbye to Sarah who won her last major competition at Bern.

    5 Nelma HEDE FIN 115.68 2 12

    Nelma really didnt had a good day

    While the start with triple Sal - double Toe was good, she had to open up many of her jumps today like the Axel and Flip. She still kept going with that wonderful smile of hers and managed to put a triple Rittberger on the ice nicely, also very enjoyable step sequence and combination spin that received level four.

    The Fin has a very nice way to skate and perform, its a joy to watch her on the ice.

    6 Yasmine YAMADA SUI 111.74 5 14

    She is such a cuty! I love her face expression and how she never stops with those huge smiles. You know, even if she would just sit on the ice for 3 minutes doing nothing it would be watchable.

    The Swiss attempted her triple Toe, triple Toe - double Toe - Rittberger combination and a triple Sal and even though she fell - that smile never left her eyes, not even during those two level 4 spins and we all know how hard many skaters have to fight in those. Also to note is how brave she went for the double Axel - double Toe at the end of her program!

    7 Netta SCHREIBER ISR 111.45 11 6

    She had some really fast turns and spins in her routine, I liked those steps a lot - but she also went for the big jumps like with her triple Toe - double Toe - double Toe combination and the triple Sal - double Toe.

    8 Natalie KLOTZ GER 110.56 10 7

    Big opening with triple Sal - double Toe, she also went for the triple Sal and some Tano´s which fit lovely to her colourful dress. She seemed to run out of steam a bit towards the end however.

    9 Julia SAUTER ROU 109.82 9 9

    She cheered me up with her great stepsequence and those lovely spins after Sarahs program made me a bit sad as I know what she can normally do on the ice. The Romanian is a very pleasent skater to watch. She performed 4 double Lutz in and out of combination with the Toe and in a triple combination with the Rittberger. Besides a small wobble at the Rittberger - Toe comb, her program went very smooth until she fell at the double Axel - such a pity!

    10 Doris PIRCHER ITA 108.77 8 11

    Doris the elegant skater from Italy, did lovely piourettes which you dont see every day - two of them level 4. While she had no triples, she still had a lovely performance consisting of double Flips, two Axels and Rittbergers.

    11 Tatjana HEß GER 106.92 22 5

    I loved her SP and was very pleased with her FS performance today. She skated to Titanic and she was a much better captain than the old grey beard in 1912 who crashed his ship into the ice berg.

    Not only her difficult jumps like the triple Toe - double Toe combination or those lovely piourettes were worth watching no she also had a wonderful interpretation and attitude on the ice. Her whole FS was lovely choreographed and was one of the big highlights for me this year at Oberstdorf. Her steps were spot on with the change in music which expressed the dramatic moments when the guy in the birds nest spotted the ice berg in the movie.

    Just beautiful!

    12 Sarah ANDERSON SVP GER 106.87 7 15

    One of my fav´s is this young lady here. She might not had the best skate of her life today, but she absolutely gets me with her lovely attitude on the ice. Always a smile here and there, who cares that the triple Sal didnt work today. What worked however was the double Rittberger in combination with Toe and Lutz. While falling twice, she kept going and thats what matters in the end.

    Watch out for this one guys

    13 Elin HALLBERG SWE 105.29 15 10

    She had golden blades, or yellow? Aw need to check later on the pics, however it was not the standard stuff! Her performance today did consist of a triple Sal attempt, sadly underrotated, but a nice double Axel - double Toe clean and very sexy step sequence at the end. In general, she is a very good looking young lady - equally good were here spins, especially the lay back - all level four!

    14 Niki WORIES NED 105.03 3 23

    Oh dear, what happened? This just wasnt a lekker skate at all by the dutch. She started with a fall at the double Axel, however she bravely attampted the triple Flip - triple Toe and later the triple Lutz - all with minor and bigger issues on the landings. Not sure what happened to her, another queston is why she had only her left food with glitter and not the right? Many questions, that only Niki knows the answers to!

    15 Tina HELLEKEN GER 103.47 23 8

    One of "my" local heroes as she is also from Saxony like me. Tina does skate for the DESV in Dresden and likes drawing Manga´s! Her way of skating is quite similar to those drawings, very soft a bit like a snowflake in the wind. That little snowflake attempted some huge jumps, like the triple Sal, Toe and Rittberger. Also to note is the triple Toe - double Toe combination, which she put nicely on the ice, just like the level 4 flying sit spin.

    16 Kristinna VAGTBORG DEN 102.15 13 17

    The Den had a wonderful double Axel - double Toe right at the start, I liked how long she actually was in the air there - huge take off! Also huge was her whole performance, it was just very charming and she even went for a triple Toe.

    17 Elena MANGAS ESP 102.06 12 18

    Elena had a very nice first double Axel and also went for a triple Toe. Her Layback looked great and I liked her positive expression in the face.

    18 Louise JENSEN SWE 101.38 19 13

    She had a great last minute, very enjoyable step sequence right at the end that fit perfectly to the pirate theme. As for her jump elements, well she performed a nice triple Toe - double and attempted the triple Sal which she had to fight very hard for.

    19 Emily HAYWARD GBR 100.37 17 16

    I think that her jumps looked a bit weird, I mean they were kind of strange in the air. Still she managed to land those, like the double Lutz - double Toe - double Toe combination or her double Axel at the begin and it was nice that she spread her jumps evenly throughout the program.

    20 Katharina LESSER GER 98.42 14 21

    Kati opened up with a triple Toe - double Toe and in general I liked her interpretation and choreographie a lot. Whenever something happened in the music, she expressed this with either a step, move or face expression. That was very entertaining and great to see! Not so great to see was when she fell during the triple Sal and Toe

    21 Lisa HANKE GER 97.99 18 20

    I believe she was very upset about her skate, I thought to have seen some tears Its a real pity as she started nicely with a double Lutz double Toe, but both double Axel just didnt want to work today. Her spins however were really lovely, level three and four!

    22 Rebecca SCHWÄMMLE GER 96.81 24 19

    Beccy is skating for the TEC Waldau in Stuttgart and will turn 16 next week! Last time at Oberstdorf she received 93.09 points during the german youth nationals, this score she could top today. All her jumps were double, just the Axel was single today and she had a really lovely step sequence and Layback.

    23 Lotte TAUBERT GER 91.00 25 22

    She had a really nice stepsequence, in general her interpretation was in my opinion really good. Lotte performed two double Flip - double Toe combinations, double Sal / Toe & Rittberger and a single Axel. Her spins ranged from level one to level three, especially the last one (comb spin) looked really lovely.

    24 Tallulah CORBETT GBR 86.82 28 25

    Interesting about her was, that she put the step sequence right at the beginning! The Brit also performed the double Rittberger - double Toe combination twice, a single Axel, double Flip and a very lovely level 4 spin at the end.

    25 Natasja REMSTEDT SWE 86.52 20 28

    First of all, her spins - absolutely wonderfull! All level 4 of course! Also the jumping potential with triple Sal, Toe and double Axel is there, sadly they were on vacation today. I honestly so felt with this young lady, she is so lovely and then has such a black day. Heads up Natasja!

    26 Kathryn WINSTANLEY RSA 86.23 29 24

    She was wonderful! The young South Afrian, smiled herself through every error during her skate. She never took her head down, no! Always up, smiling at those few people in the crowd! Her start however was impressive with the double Axel - double Toe combination, with a wobble but still brave!
    She also tried to interpret the music, I absolutely loved the entry to the flying sit spin towards the end, huge speed there!

    27 Kristin AURICH GER 86.14 27 26

    Loved how she put her stepsequence on the ice, also a very good double Rittberger - double Rittberger - doubler Rittberger combination and later the RIttberger in combination with the Toe.

    28 Sarah KRONSEDER GER 85.90 21 29

    29 Evita CELESNIK SLO 83.13 26 30

    30 Gina GEIGER GER 78.33 31 27

    31 Ana Isabel DABDOUB MEX 70.52 30 31

    Michelle Swoboda -

    She sadly didnt enter the FS today.


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    Advanced Icedance

    I wont write much here as it prolly isnt that interesting for most of you The basic idea behind here is that the dance pairs perform elements like the Kilian (hand in hand) with a pose at the start and end. However, I still want to point out a few couples.

    1 Eva ZOPORIZHSKAYA / Alexander BALYKOV RUS 22.55 2 1

    They are so tiny and if you think cute, then think again! Eva is the next Elena I tell ya! That expression in her face, that arrogant look wow! I felt they had good edge work already, quite deep.

    2 Maria MARCHNKO / Egor POZDNIAKOV RUS 21.92 1 2

    Same can be said about those here, its frightning how those young girls already have that Elena attitude in their face.

    3 Jade MARCHAL / Theo LE MERCIER FRA 17.62 4 5
    4 Diana SCHEIDT / Asaf KAZIMOV GER 16.97 3 7
    5 Hana GASSOUMI / Corentin RAHIER FRA 16.90 7 3
    6 Julia WAGRET / Mathieu COUYRAS FRA 16.72 6 4
    7 Francesca RIGHI / Alessandro PAPETTTI ITA 14.21 11 6
    8 Katerina BUNINA / Andrei SOKOLOV EST 13.59 8 9
    9 Viktoria SEMENJUK / Artur GRUZDEV EST 13.34 10 8

    Those were a really lovely couple.

    10 Anne-Marie WOLF / Kieren WAGNER GER 13.18 5 12
    11 Aliena SCHOBER / Markus KÖNIG GER 13.14 9 10
    12 Katjuscha ALWART / Adrian WOLF GER 11.68 12 11

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    Results Junior Men

    1 Deniss VASILJEVS LAT 64.73 1

    Wonderful triple Lutz & Toe combination, also a triple Rittberger - he was great!

    2 Daniel SAMOHIN ISR 60.09 2

    He opened up with a nice double Axel, followed by a triple Lutz - triple Lutz - I liked his step sequence a lot, distracted me a bit from writing the girls review

    3 Panagiotis POLIZOAKIS ECO GER 58.05 3

    He performed a triple Toe dombination and a triple Rittberger, both with a few problems but landed. Good double Axel however.

    4 Anton KEMPF MEV GER 54.21 4

    So loved his expression on the ice, dodging bullets, doing bullet time moves - fun! Triple Flip - triple Te was his comb, tiny wobble-.

    5 Egor MURASOV RUS 52.89 5
    6 Nicola TODESCHINI SUI 51.46 6
    7 Genki SUZUKI GER 50.48 7
    8 Alexander BJELDE ECO GER 49.40 8
    9 Roman GALAY FIN 49.09 9
    10 Jan KURNIK CZE 48.65 10
    11 Tino OLENIUS FIN 47.91 11
    12 Thomas STOLL GER 47.59 12
    13 Mattia DALLA TORRE ITA 46.94 13
    14 Marco ZANDRON ITA 46.40 14
    15 Dave KÖTTING GER 46.34 15
    16 Juho PIRINEN FIN 46.24 16
    17 Carlo RÖTHLISBERGER SUI 46.08 17
    18 Trevor BERGQVIST SWE 45.30 18
    19 John-Olof HALLMAN SWE 45.08 19
    20 Jannis BRONISEFSKI GER 44.03 20
    21 Manuel LEITNER ECO GER 43.77 21

    He fell so badly at his stepsequence and was totally out of his routine afterwards and had to abort his combination spin. Such a shame as he started not bad with triple Toe - double Toe and a triple Rittberger, oh god!

    22 Alexander BETKE GER 43.40 22
    23 Artem TSOGLIN ISR 42.66 23
    24 Marco ASAM MEV GER 41.49 24
    25 Giorgio SETTEMBRINI ITA 38.85 25
    26 Marco PAULETTI ITA 37.71 26
    27 Michel TSIBA NED 35.29 27

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    Current results Senior Ladies

    1. Elizaveta Ukolova 50.60

    So far the best young Lady on the Ice. Her step sequence was great and even though she skates in her own world, its somehow getting to you - like some Ballerina. Fun is, if you see her off ice, she smiles at you! Clean Rittberger and Axel, slight issue at her I believe Lutz - Toe comb however, the second also with Tano variation!

    Her technical of about 30 is 10 points higher than the PC´s

    2. Antonia Dubinina 43.85

    She is very flexible and performed to some latain rythms. However not free of mistakes on her jumps either.

    3. Alina Fjodorova

    4.Josefine Taljegard 41.05

    If you first see her then you dont think about figure skating, but she skates very well. She puts a lot of heart into her elements and steps, she fell badly at the warm up - that must have hurt so much!

    About Seidi,... oh dear, not good She was really sad about that and shocked, only 36.55 - same with Anelli, not even one jump landed, such a pity.

    Fleur doesnt compete at all

    Group three now with Joshi, Tina and Jenny!

    Full results Ladies SP

    1. Anna Ovcharova 54.44

    She was a absolute joy on the ice today, she were full of smiles during her level three stepsequence and that smile she already had during the warm up, very sympathic the young lady from Switzerland who is originally Russian. The 17 years old impressed with a nice triple Lutz - double Toe (tiny wobble on the Toe) and triple Rittberger, but also with her amazing flexibility that gave her 2 level 4 spins - especially the layback.
    What I loved so much was how she actually used the music to her advantage for the specific elements, but also to add tiny steps or jumps - nice work by Peter Grütter her coach and choreo meastro. In general, it all fit nicely together, dress - music - elements - skater. Well done!

    2. Joshi Helgession 53.04

    Our special friend from Sweden definately wanted more. She sadly fell on her triple Lutz, solid triple Toe - double Toe however. As always Joshi was a great joy to watch if you like her tiny pose´s and nasty smiles during her routine. She is quite a player and always trys to get the crowd in especially during her step sequence, lovely use of the musical element.

    3. Elizaveta Ukolova 50.60

    As said above, she does skate in her own world but for some reason its still beautiful. A little Ballerina, only supported by a soft piano in the background and she said it herself, its her way of skating and she enjoys it like that and as long it is like that nobody should take that away from her. However I think its a real shame that she always gets so low PC´s - her TC´s are 10 points higher - only 20 for her PC´s all Ladies in the top 6 have more, especially at INT.
    That young lady is only 15 years old, but scored the second highest TE´s with her triple Lutz - double Toe combination and triple Rittberger and three level 4 spins.

    4. Anais Ventard 50.46

    She is quite flexible the French and was very serious during her skate, but at the moment she was done a big smile for us! Her performance started with a triple Toe, followed by her double Axel and the triple Sal - double Toe combination. All her spins also received a level 4 and I am very curious how her program tomorrow will look like.

    5. Jenny Parker 48.31

    I love her style on the ice, the Canadian who competes for Germany glides so beautifully on the ice, a real eye catcher every time. She is also cappable of doing some massive jumps, today however she a bit with the triple Toe - double Toe comb, however her triple Rittberger and Axel were very good.

    Talking about good, her Layback is wow - it got a level 4, but honestly the ISU should invent level 5 for these types. All those two´s and three´s dont express enough how beautiful that was. Its so silly that such a beautiful element gets such a low modification mark! Last year Jenny still competed in the juniors competition here at Oberstdorf and came third, I believe she could achieve the same place this time, but at the seniors.

    6 Jennifer URBAN GER 45.38

    Just love the fun she always has on the ice. Pity that she only got credit for two of her jumps, the Toe was invalid - nice triple Rittberger - double Toe however and wonderful stepsequence where she went all out.

    7 Tina STÜRZINGER SUI 43.86

    Love her outfit, black with the bling bling - she is a really cute young lady who does wonderful spins who received a level 4 twice! She went for the difficult triple Lutz - double Toe element which she landed nicely, sadly the Axel and triple Toe were very shaky - she would had been placed a lot higher with a clean performance. Hopp Switz *rings cowbells*!

    8 Antonia DUBININA RUS 43.85

    That girl is so flexible and a nice dancer too (level 4 spins - Layback included!). Her latain performance consisted of a decent triple Flip and clean double Axel, she struggled at her combo however which was only registred as a triple - single (Sal - Toe) - lovely outfit as well, fit lovely to her choreo and the theme of her SP.

    9 Alina FJODOROVA LAT 41.73

    She uses a lot of strength to take off at her jumps, she struggled with her Sal however, nice triple Toe - double Toe combination and beautiful Layback at the end.

    10 Kim BELL NED 41.25

    I really enjoyed how her whole stepsequence kicked in and was choreographed, she also performed a triple Lutz (shaky & wrong edge) and a Triple Flip - double Toe (latter just single sadly). Also the Axel wasnt that clean.

    11 Josefine TALJEGARD SWE 41.05

    She honestly impressed me a lot! She fell so badly during the warm up - that looked so awefull, but the tough cookie she is - she stood up and tried the element again like it was nothing, but oh boy that must have hurt when she fell on her chest.

    The Swede is a great performer in my opinion, she isnt one of those fragile skaters, but a real powerhouse and this was how her choreo and INt. looked like. The triple Sal - double Toe looked well, sadly she lost her double Axel and triple toe due underrotation and the highlight at the end, her step sequence - wicked! Maybe not something for our "skaters must be skinny" fans here, but the others will sure enjoy this young lady.

    12 Kaat VAN DAELE BEL 40.34

    Kaat was as always, so elegant. Unfortunately did she fall at her flying camel, so that the element had to be removed from the score sheets, however she opened nicely with a triple Sal - double Toe combination. I can highly recommend to everyone to look for a clean SP by Kaat - that soft piano music and she just works so well.

    13 Nicole SCHOTT GER 39.79

    She didnt start so well, she fell at her combo and also the Flip wasnt so well performed The rest however was nicely done - great spins which received level 4 twice.

    14 Timila SHRESTHA FIN 37.31

    The Fin in her green dress had two wonderful level 4 spins in her routine, the Layback and Comb - sadly she suffered at her jump elements. No Comb and also the triple Sal not clean - Axel was nice!

    15 Jana COUFALOVA CZE 36.55

    She has grown quite a lot lately doesnt she? about 2 and 1/2 years ago she was so tiny and now? Grown up lady and you notice that she is still working on her jumps - while I felt they were ok, the judges found deductions on her triple Toe. The comb of Rittberger and Toe was sadly not fully rotated, same with the Axel. I hope she will manage to adjust to her growth - I like that skater she does so lovely spins.

    16 Isabelle PIEMAN BEL 35.52

    Axel, Sal and Toe comb right at the start - sadly not clean. Once she was done with those elements, the program went smoothly, nice step seuence and spins of level three and four.

    17 Seidi RANTANEN FIN 33.04

    Aww, she really forgot her jumps in the hotel today. She can do so much better! Seidi is a very elegant skater that you enjoy watching, however no comb and only two single jumps ( Axel + Rittberger). Tomorrow is a better day and I am sure she will improve, its in her after all.
    Needles to say that her spins and steps, but also SS were typical finnish and lovely!

    18 Anneli KAWELKE GER 30.79

    One of my fav. skaters from Germany, love that name and her style! Unfortunately she couldnt show today what she is usually capable of. Her Axel, the Sal comb (triple Sal - double Toe planned) and the triple Toe all not landed However, everything else was at its usual level, great spins (3+4) - nice gliding and I hope she will recover and do better in her FS (triple Sal, Toe and Comb Toe - Toe planned).

    19 Deborah SACCHI ITA 29.94

    I liked how she tried to connect with the crowd, double Sal, toe - toe combination and the Axel.


    She didnt compete and also didnt say goodbye

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    Michael Martinez is listed (someone asked yesterday of you, so thats the info I got for you) However, Annabelle and RUben are as well, but they wont compete in the Pairs either so dont get your hopes too high.

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    Pair Skate Juniors results:

    1 Bianca MANACORDA / Niccolo MACII ITA 43.27 1

    I loved that they put their pairskate piourette right at the begin, most pairs put this "more easy" element at the end. Niccolo however had some issues with catching Bianca above his chest after the double Twist, so she kind of dropped on him which resulted in some negative GOE. The triple toe throw jump was nicely landed by her, not sure what the judges saw who hit the red button there.

    2 Ami KOGA / Francis BOUDREAU-AUDET JPN 38.06 2

    I liked their starting position with her in the air infront of his chest, their triple toe throw jump however didnt work at all. He hardly threw her up, she was so deep - no chance to land that element, the level 3 lasso however was great - but she is just a tiny figure anyways.

    Somehow the "together" was missing in their skate But they still have time to improve on that, he was a bit scared to toch her I think.

    3 Julia LINCKH / Konrad HOCKER-SCHOLLER ECO GER 35.92 3

    Just a single Rittberger and Konrad also fell at the end of their no touch, that was such a pity! However a wonderful level 4 Lasso lift - loved that element! Still a nice couple those two.

    4 Molly LANAGHAN / Jake ASTILL GBR 33.92 4

    Oh god, those two were amazing as a couple. She is really cute and smiles all the time and he fits well to her I think. Not such an angry bear like we have among the pairs sometimes. However just like with the Japanese couple, he hardly throw her up at the double Toe - she had no chance. Its crazy, some guys throw their girls meters high and others hardly a few cm.

    Still, I love that couple already!

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    Senior Pairs Results

    As sad yesterday, Annabelle and Ruben decided to not compete due the risk of an injury due a pulled musle.

    1 Julia ANTIPOVA / Nodari MAISURADZE RUS 64.14 1

    I absolutely love the height of their triple Twist, damn is she high in the air. It was even higher in warm up, than in competition - amazing! If he isnt careful however, then he might throw her out of orbit, she is light like a feather. That feather however managed to somehow land that triple throw jump Lutz, but had to go very deep in her knees there, the toe (triple) was fine by both!

    The lasso lift especially towards the end, great!

    2 Katarina GERBOLDT / Alexander ENBERT RUS 56.31 2

    Really liked the hight at their triple Twist, unfortunately did Katarina not land her triple Sal, however their Rittberger also triple was solid. They are a really nice couple and I just love their Ice Dance steps and Twizzlers in their programs, thats really unique and should be rewarded!

    3 Giulia FORESTI / Luca DEMATTE ITA 54.04 3

    They are such a lovely couple, their no touch was fantastic choreographed to the music - wonderfull! They decided to go for the double Axel and put it lovely on the ice, same applies to the triple Sal throw jump which Giulia did land nicely with a big smile! Great level 4 Lasso too!

    4 Amany FANCY / Christopher BOYADJI GBR 50.84 4

    What I liked about those was their part where the trumpetes came out, that was lovely choreographed with the DS, shame about the double Axel which didnt work that well.

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    Senior Men final result.

    1 Ivan RIGHINI ITA 62.67 1

    He opened with his triple Axel, followed by a Tano triple Flip. What I liked was his interpretation and choreographie. For instance did he put his finger on his lips before the triple Lutz - double Toe combination came and his step sequence was really entertaining and powerful.

    2 Evgeniy VLASOV RUS 61.91 2

    Damn this young Russian was incredible fast on the ice for the first round about 70 seconds and while I didnt had a speedometer I am sure he was the fasted guy of the evening. Included in those magikal 70 seconds was a fantastic flying Camel which received a well deserved level 4 and should just like with Jenny earlier get a level 5 if it would exist.

    The sympathic russian would had been leading now, if he wouldnt had fallen at the triple Rittberger, that was a real shame and he just shaked his head with a nasty smile at the end of his performance, signalizing that he just knew that this was not necessary at all. Besides that he also performed a very nice triple Lutz - triple Toe combination, incredible close to the end of the ice rink.

    I like this skater a lot!

    3 Franz STREUBEL GER 61.58 3

    No quad by Franz today, but the quad toe might happen tomorrow in the FS. As for today, well he went for a shaky triple Axel and not his triple Lutz - double Toe, but the triple Flip - double Toe combination. As always, the music fits his skating style well, especially during the step sequence. Franz received two level four for his spins.

    4 Kirill SOKOLOV RUS 60.93 4

    Kiril opened with a clean triple Toe - triple Toe combination, followed by a triple Rittberger where he had some tiny issues and just the double Axel. Interesting about him was, that he had a red and a white glove!

    5 Petr COUFAL CZE 59.99 5

    During the NRW trophy his blade broke before the FS and I hope it wont happen again here at Oberstdorf. However, his program today was actually very good, he started with a great triple Lutz - triple Toe combination, followed by a triple Rittberger and a double Axel. A real shame was, that he fell during his step sequence, right at the end. That was such a sloppy mistake, this shouldnt happen! His spins all received a level 4.

    6 Valtter VIRTANEN FIN 59.71 6

    The Fin started with a triple Lutz, followed by a double Axel and sadly had to open up his combination so that it was just a triple Rittberger - double Toe. Some nice spins he showed us, including the flying camel level 4.

    7 Peter HALLAM GBR 57.98 7

    Peter who had a very funny program, went for the huge triple Lutz - triple Toe combination, but made a tiny Flutz out of it. His triple Rittberger looked pretty decent, he also performed a double Axel. A silly mistake however happened at the of his program where he had to abord his last piourette.

    8 Paul FENTZ GER 55.78 8

    Loved his robot moves during the step seq, his Rittberger however just a single and he also didnt get credit for his triple Sal combination - the triple Axel however right at the start was really nice.

    9 Marcus BJÖRK SWE 54.11 9

    I liked how he kept looking at the almost non existing crowd, some nice level three and four spins as well. He also landed a triple Flutz and a double Axel.

    10 Julian LAGUS FIN 51.43 10

    I enjoyed the variation of music in his performance. First it was the more emotional stuff and then we went to party - nice! His headshake at the end was also what I felt - there was a lot more possible for the Fin. He fell twice, first at the Axel and later the Lutz (both triple). Also the combination was just triple Toe - double Toe with huge issues.

    11 Stanislav SAMOHIN ISR 49.72 11

    It took so long to calculate his score that he just left the kiss and cry and only his coach stayed behind. However, the reason for his leaving was more likely the disappointment about the fall at the triple Axel and the aborted spin towards the end.

    12 Gaylord LAVOISIER FRA 45.19 12

    This guy does some nice piourettes, he is quite flexible as shown towards the end and went for a shaky triple Toe - triple Toe combination and double Axel.

    13 Matteo RIZZO ITA 42.40 13

    No Axel for him today, just a shaky double Flip - triple Toe and the double Lutz.

    Michael Martinez did not compete.

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