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Thread: Will hockey hurt my figure skating?

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    Will hockey hurt my figure skating?

    Does anyone out there figure skate AND play hockey? The public skating sessions and skating school times (plus the free style sessions I am working SO hard to get good enough for) are being taken over by a very successful hockey program. The best way to get ice time seems to be through hockey... I am thinking it could be a great way to get on-ice exercise, learn fast turns and stops, get a little more aggressive and get over my fear of falling. On the other hand, the skate is so different, and the posture of holding the stick is the opposite of what we're after in figure skating (saw your last post, Yazmeen!). It's almost all men, but open to women (there are at least a few of them).

    I think it would be fun. But figure skating is what I really want to do. How much might learning to play hockey mess me up? Does anyone out there play hockey and figure skate?

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    Elvis Stojko plays hockey and Kurt Browning started out as a hockey player. No, I don't think it will hurt your skating abilities. You might be able to show the other hockey players how to skate properly!!!

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